Trickfish Amplification Welcomes Melvin R. Morris JR. To The Artist Roster

Trickfish Amplification welcomes Gospel journeyman Melvin Morris Jr to the Trickfish family.
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Trickfish Amplification welcomes Gospel journeyman Melvin Morris Jr to the Trickfish family.

Trickfish is honored to welcome Oklahoma born bassist Melvin R. Morris Jr to the Trickfish family. Melvin originally hails from Cushing, OK where he began playing bass at the age of nine. Weekends were spent travelling with his Dad’s Gospel group “The Flying Clouds” and this time spent with his father playing various venues across the South is where Melvin found his deep love of Gospel music and his calling as a bassist.

After his stint at college Melvin moved to Bartlesville OK where joined the “Greater First Baptist Church” and in short order became a valued musician backing the services. He also ventured into the secular world where he played both bass and lead guitar for several local groups. Melvin ultimately relocated to Dallas TX and joined the “The McKinney First Baptist Church” eventually becoming their primary bassist, a position he’s held for the past 30 years.

“The church is where many players get their start, learn their craft and meld spiritual values to their musical efforts. Melvin embodies the Gospel music experience in the way that his faith guides his life and his church his musical sanctuary. Melvin’s story is the story of countless musicians who pursue musical excellence through their church services and events. Whether we as musicians play music in church or not, we all owe a huge debt to the influence Gospel has had on secular music – from pop to blues, soul, R&B, Rock and Roll and Jazz.” states Richard Ruse, Trickfish founder. “When I first talked to Melvin I sensed his deep commitment to his faith, to music, his family and community. He’s like thousands of hard working musicians who serve with their musical gifts and we value deeply Melvin’s support for our gear as he works to spread the Word.”

“I’ve been looking for a rig that could give me the bottom and clarity I need when backing up the choir at church. There’s a lot people singing and playing musical instruments… they look to me to provide the bottom and the groove - it’s a big job! I’ve done some serious research on bass amps and I landed on the Trickfish system as the best candidate” says Melvin. “When I got the rig I was astonished at the performance – it was just what I needed to do my job to the best of my ability. I love it as do my fellow musician’s at The McKinney First Baptist Church.”

Located in Southern California, Trickfish Amplification designs and builds professional grade musical instrument amplification products created to inspire musicians to play and sound their best.

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