No, this isn't a sponsored or paid-for post, it's just a tale of rock among the rocks... Audient's press release tells us: "Árni Hjörvar Arnason took himself, a couple of friends and his Audient gear – an iD44 audio interface and 8-channel mic preamplifier ASP880 - to the very furthest reaches of the west fjords of Iceland this summer to make some of his own music, which he hopes “will see the light of day next year.” 

"Always looking to stretch himself creatively, he appreciated being able to jump at the opportunities presented to him earlier this year. “The flexibility of the [Audient] gear then played a big part in me seeking out a slightly more adventurous project,” he explains. Happily it worked out really well. “The iD44 is the king of the portable studio. It’s the most versatile compact interface I’ve found and was perfect for on location recordings I literally carried it as hand luggage! It was ideal when it came to vocals and simpler overdubs, and then - paired with an ASP880 - a very reliable workhorse for larger than life space drum recordings.” 

"He and his friends were able to set up in an old village hall and record some of Arni’s own music for a week. Over the summer months he split his time between his homeland of Iceland and his Limehouse studio, which he describes as “a really geeky project space. Lots of old gear and overheating capacitors. Fuzz pedals and tape delays and 80s drum machines. Fantastic for geeks, but less than practical for anyone else.” We look forward to hearing how it all turns out."