Victor Wooten Releases New Bass Guru Hand Exercise Lesson Pack

Victor Wooten's latest lesson pack for Bass Guru offers eight different lessons on hand exercises.

Your intellectual knowledge of bass playing loses its value without the dexterity and finger independence to move around the fingerboard accurately and the stamina to get through a set or even a song. Playing through the pain of cramping can lead to more much more serious injuries and long-term damage. Hand exercises reduce injury, increase stamina, and improve playing. 

Victor Wooten's latest lesson pack for Bass Guru offers eight different lessons on hand exercises. This includes individual strength and flexibility studies for the right and left hand, as well as tone, stamina and string-skipping exercises. Victor also addresses muscle development for right hand slapping and double-thumbing, and he reveals four right hand and arm variations he uses to battle fatigue onstage. The lessons are beginner to advanced and can be downloaded from Bass Guru here.

These are the lessons that appear in this pack:

-Left Hand Strengthening Exercise
-Left Hand Strengthening Exercise Variations
-Anthony Wellington Two-Hand Strengthening Exercises
-Two-Hand Tone Shaper
-Right Hand Fatigue Fighters
-Right Hand Muscle Development for Slapping/Thumbing
-Right Hand Strengthening Exercises
-Hand Exercise Recap, Overview and Performance

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