Video: 100 of the Best Bass Lines Ever Played in One Shot

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Give it up for Davie504, a bassist who lives in Italy and recently posted this video of himself playing through 100 of the all-time greatest bass lines in one epic sitting. "Money," "Californication," "Orion," "Roundabout," "Iron Man," "Come As You Are" and 94 others make up this incredible 13-minute bass-playing bonanza.


Cursive Matt Maginn On Playing Between The Lines

BEST KNOWN AS THE RUDDER FOR the indie rock vessel Cursive, bassist Matt Maginn has also done tons of tracks with folk hero Conor Oberst in Bright Eyes. Cursive’s latest, Mama, I’m Swollen, alternates between peppy rockers and dreamy drifters, giving Maginn space to shift his sound from biting and overdriven to warm and clean.

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Etienne Mbappé: The Gloved One

With its dazzling chops and pan-global influences, Etienne Mbappé’s How Near How Far [Abstract Logix] could easily have been just another self-indulgent blowout from a fleet-fingered virtuoso intent on flaunting his post-Jaco bona fides.