Warren G, Kenny G and Andrew G (Gouche) Perform "Regulators" on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Andrew Gouche, Warren G and Kenny G Perform "Regulators on Jimmy Kimmel Live

In an unexpected assembly of musical talent, bass phenom Andrew Gouche joined rapper Warren G and smooth jazz saxophonist Kenny G to perform the classic hip-hop song "Regulators" on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The performance was part of Kimmel's new "Mash Up Monday" series. As always, Gouche lays it down with a deep groove using his own MTD Kingston Signature Series 6-String. 

We have now officially seen everything. 

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The Andrew Gouche Way

MOMENTS AFTER ARRIVING FROM A LONG MORNING flight from Chicago, Andrew Gouche steps into his Los Angeles home studio for a bit of work before spending an afternoon with his family and then hopping on a plane back to the Midwest.

Andrew Gouche's : Plucking Pilgrimage

 WHEN JAMES JAMERSON BEGAN CREATING HIS BIBLE of bass guitar playing, it could be heard on the radio—chapter and verse, each week. With Jaco poised to turn jazz bass on its ear, it was but a five-year journey from Florida to the world. But for gospel bassdom’s breakout innovator Andrew Gouche, mainstream recognition has been a 30-year passage. He first gained cult status with bassists via his probing, present parts on recordings for gospel music’s A-list, as well as his hugely popular residency at the Prayze Connection club in Los Angeles. But Gouche became a true underground underlord through the many web clips of his bass bravura, plus his crossover to become Chaka Khan’s musical director. Now, at long last, Andrew is claiming the spotlight with the pending late-winter/early-spring release of Andrew Gouche, his instrumental solo debut. The tentrack CD (nine of which were cut live in Seattle and augmented in the studio) is the perfect pulpit for