Warren G, Kenny G and Andrew G (Gouche) Perform "Regulators" on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Andrew Gouche, Warren G and Kenny G Perform "Regulators on Jimmy Kimmel Live
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In an unexpected assembly of musical talent, bass phenom Andrew Gouche joined rapper Warren G and smooth jazz saxophonist Kenny G to perform the classic hip-hop song "Regulators" on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The performance was part of Kimmel's new "Mash Up Monday" series. As always, Gouche lays it down with a deep groove using his own MTD Kingston Signature Series 6-String. 

We have now officially seen everything. 

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The Andrew Gouche Way

MOMENTS AFTER ARRIVING FROM A LONG MORNING flight from Chicago, Andrew Gouche steps into his Los Angeles home studio for a bit of work before spending an afternoon with his family and then hopping on a plane back to the Midwest.