Warwick BC 10 Combo

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Microamp with guts.

The new addition to the Warwick BC series of combo amps is by here popular demand. A smaller offshoot of the BC20. Featuring the same super EQ and punchy sound. Just as noise free and transparent, but in a smaller convenient package for even more flexibility.


Bass Combo Amp
Class A Low Noise Preamp
10 Watt Power Amplifier
2 Inputs for Active or Passive Basses (can be plugged in simultaneously)
3-band EQ (Bass, Mid, Treble)
DDL (Dynamic Distortion Limiter) for consistently low distortion throughout entire output range.
AUX In (Stereo) for connecting MP3 player, CD player etc.
Headphone out (Stereo) with integrated headphone amplifier
8” Warwick Custom Speaker
Bass Reflex Speaker Enclosure
Rugged metal grille
Dimensions: 320mm(W) x 250mm( H ) x 220mm( D ) Weight: 6,2 kg
Manufactured in China


Vox's New Pathfinder Bass 10

Vox Amplification offers the Pathfinder Bass 10 as the newest addition to the Pathfinder amplifier series. Guitarists have long been familiar with VOX’s popular, portable Pathfinder combo amps, and now the Pathfinder Bass 10 amp faithfully carries on the VOX sound, look and tradition for bass players.