Warwick RockBass Bootsy Collins Space Bass


At the NAMM Show in 2012, bass icon Bootsy Collins received his on-of-a-kind "Space Bass" made by the Warwick Custom Shop. This outstanding Custom Shop instrument, made of highest quality materials, with a spectacular coating and 165 LEDs is a truly one-of-a-kind masterpiece of the bass department here in Markneukirchen.

At the NAMM Show in 2014, we are proudly presenting the new RockBass Artist Line Bootsy Collins Space Bass. A really unique and affordable bass which is just as beautiful and excellent as its big brother from the Warwick Custom Shop.

It comes with a Mahogany body, a Maple neck and a Rosewood fingerboard. The RockBass Artist Line Bootsy Collins Space Bass comes equipped with active MEC TJ/J pickups and active MEC electronics.

We are honored that Mr. Bootsy Collins gives us so much friendship, trust and faith, that we are now able to present this new RockBass Bootsy Collins Space Bass. This new Artist Line model will be available starting from July 2014.


Warwick Introduces the Bootsy Collins Infinity Line of Signature Basses

The Warwick Bootsy Collins Infinity Signature Bass is as original as Bootsy himself. Bootsy Collins is the legendary bassist who left his mark on the world with James Brown in the '60s on such classics as "Sex Machine" and started a funky revolution in the '70s with Parliament and Funkadelic. Now you can bring on the funk just like Bootzilla has for the past four decades.