Watch 10 of Our Favorite Jaco Pastorius Performances (VIDEO)

A collection of some of our favorite Jaco performances of all time

Jaco Pastorius was a larger-than-life bass hero with a persona on and off the stage that made Superman seem feeble...alright look, we'll go ahead and assume that if you are on this page reading this you know very well who Jaco was. So I'll go ahead and skip the storytelling to get right down to the action. Here are some of our favorite clips of the man many refer to as the greatest bass player of all time: 

Here Jaco plays a scorching version of "Teen Town" with Weather Report on Midnight Special in 1977:

Here's Jaco's live version of "Donna Lee":

 Jaco plays 'Portrait Tracy" live in Stadhalle, Offenbach in Germany, 1978.

Here's Jaco's solo from that same performance:

"Soul Intro/The Chicken" live from the 1982 Aurex Jazz Festival with Jaco's Big Band (Jaco Pastorius (b), Peter Erskine (ds), Randy Breker (tp), Bobby Mintzer (bcl), David Bargeron (tuba), Othllo Molineaux (steel ds), Don Alias (per):

Here's Jaco's famous solo from Joni Mitchell's "Shadows and Light" performance:

...which of course leads into this unbelievable version of "The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines":

Here Jaco shows his remarkable harmonic work on "Birdland" with Weather Report in 1978:

Jaco Plays "Continuum" live at the 1979 Berlin Jazz Festival:

And what better way to cap it off than with the 1984 live performance of "Amerika" where Jaco allegedly cracked apart his "Bass of Doom":

Now experience the full life and music of Jaco Pastorius with the new film about him (available now!) produced by Robert Trujillo:


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