Watch Chris Wyse of The Cult, Ace Frehley and Owl's Impressive Bass Solo (VIDEO)

Check out this Exclusive AMS Bass Solo Performance from Chris Wyse of The Cult, The Ace Frehley Band and Owl.

Over the years we've discovered that Chris Wyse is talented at all things bass, including everything from mastering a large number of techniques, to holding it down on the electric, upright and stick, to his hard rocking riffs with artists such as The Cult, Ace Frehley, Ozzy Osbourne, Mick Jagger, Scott Weiland, Jerry Cantrell, and his own band, Owl. But until now, we haven't gotten to check out Wyse's soloing prowess in such an up close and personal way. 






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Ampeg’s the Only One for Bass Ace Chris Wyse

Los Angeles, CA—October 2017… Lauded for his work with The Cult and, more recently, with Ace Frehley, as well as with his own trio, Owl, bassist, vocalist, and songwriter Chris Wyse is a creative master of bass tone. “There’s an underdog-y attitude about the bass,” he opines. “There’s no escaping the fundamental bottom notes that are guiding the chords. As a bass player, you can totally change the feel of the song, put a spin on the sound by playing a different inversion; I like the power in that. And I like knowing that I’m guiding it right, not over-playing, or doing anything distracting.”