Watch Gian from Dreamshade's Bass Playthrough of Their New Single "Autumn Leaves" (VIDEO)

European juggernauts Dreamshade have returned with a bass playthrough of "Autumn Leaves" from their album, Vibrant.
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This is Dreamshade's bass player Gian-Andrea Costa playing "Autumn Leaves" from the album Vibrant in his home studio.

He's using an Ibanez SR5005 bass guitar through an Avalon U5 DI (clean sound) blended with a Sansamp

In Vibrant, their seminal work, Dreamshade reflects upon relationships of all kinds. The band recognizes the effects that familial relationships, romantic relationships, and long-lasting friendships have upon one’s life. Recognizing that shifts in those relationships can either strengthen or weaken a person, the new record is a call to learn and grow from inevitable change. Showcasing their technical musicianship, this playthrough of "Autumn Leaves" is a testament to the band's undeniable talent. 

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