Watch Jaco Pastorius Play an Explosive Version of "Donna Lee" Live (VIDEO)

Jaco Pastorius play "Donna Lee" with his Word of Mouth all-star band

Of all of Jaco Pastorius' remarkable body of music, perhaps his most awe-inspiring number comes in the form of his version of the classic jazz tune "Donna Lee." Placed as the opening track of his debut album, the blazing bass composition explodes in intensity and showcases Jaco's precision and attention to detail.

In this footage, Jaco performs "Donna Lee" live with his Word of Mouth band featuring Peter Erskine, Randy Becker, Bob Mintzer and Othello Molineaux. Get ready for some "wow."


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Jaco Pastorius needs no introduction. He was an innovator, a virtuoso of monstrous proportions, and a truly unique personality. Self-taught on multiple instruments (bass included), Jaco overcame an early and debilitating arm injury, a youth of poverty, and an initial backlash to his bass technique to become the legendary musician he's remembered as today.