Watch Pino Palladino Tell The Story Behind His Famous Playing On "Wherever I Lay My Hat" (VIDEO)

Pino Palladino explains and demonstrates his playing from the famous Paul Young track "Wherever I Lay My Hat"
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In 1983 Paul Young decided to record his version of the Marvin Gaye song "Wherever I Lay My Hat (That's My Home)" for his album No Parlez. Producer Laurie Latham knew that the track needed something special to lead it in, so he brought in a young and talented bass player by the name of Pino Palladino. Equipped with a fretless Music Man StringRay bass, Palladino laid down a beautifully melodic intro and equally impressive lines in the rest of the song. This sole track went on to catch the attention of many of the biggest acts in the music world, which then led to Palladino landing some career-defining gigs.

In this footage Palladino recalls how he went about writing the bass parts for the song and expresses his nervousness in thinking that he had overplayed in it: