Watch Some of Bootsy Collins' Funkiest Performances (VIDEO) -

Watch Some of Bootsy Collins' Funkiest Performances (VIDEO)

A few of Bootsy Collins' funkiest live performances
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As the anchor for James Brown and Parliament/ Funkadelic, Bootsy was one of funk’s founding fathers, and he seems to get only funkier as time goes on. Let's take a look at some of Bootzilla's funkiest performances throughout the years: 

Here's Bootsy and James Brown performing "Sex Machine" in Rome, Italy on April 24th, 1971: 

Here's another 1971 performance of Bootsy playing "Sunny" with James Brown:

Here Bootsy and his band bring the funk in this 1980's performance of his hit "Stretchin' Out": 

Bootsy with Parliament Funkadelic performing "Give Up The Funk" in 1976: 

Here's a funky solo that can only be done properly on a Space Bass such as his:

Bootsy joins George Clinton & The P-Funk All-Stars in this 1999 clip to perform "Mothership":

Bootsy with George Clinton and The P-Funk All Stars, and Snoop Dogg perform a medley of songs in 2005:

And as a bonus, here's Bootsy breaking down the formula to his funk:


Warwick Introduces the Bootsy Collins Infinity Line of Signature Basses

The Warwick Bootsy Collins Infinity Signature Bass is as original as Bootsy himself. Bootsy Collins is the legendary bassist who left his mark on the world with James Brown in the '60s on such classics as "Sex Machine" and started a funky revolution in the '70s with Parliament and Funkadelic. Now you can bring on the funk just like Bootzilla has for the past four decades.