Watch Some of Bootsy Collins' Funkiest Performances (VIDEO)

A few of Bootsy Collins' funkiest live performances

As the anchor for James Brown and Parliament/ Funkadelic, Bootsy was one of funk’s founding fathers, and he seems to get only funkier as time goes on. Let's take a look at some of Bootzilla's funkiest performances throughout the years: 

Here's Bootsy and James Brown performing "Sex Machine" in Rome, Italy on April 24th, 1971: 

Here's another 1971 performance of Bootsy playing "Sunny" with James Brown:

Here Bootsy and his band bring the funk in this 1980's performance of his hit "Stretchin' Out": 

Bootsy with Parliament Funkadelic performing "Give Up The Funk" in 1976: 

Here's a funky solo that can only be done properly on a Space Bass such as his:

Bootsy joins George Clinton & The P-Funk All-Stars in this 1999 clip to perform "Mothership":

Bootsy with George Clinton and The P-Funk All Stars, and Snoop Dogg perform a medley of songs in 2005:

And as a bonus, here's Bootsy breaking down the formula to his funk: