Watch Tarik Ragab and Moorea Dickason of Moetar Perform a Duo Version of "Barracuda" (VIDEO)

Tarik Ragab of MoeTar performs a cover of the classic song "Barracuda" as a vocal/bass duo
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Check out this clip of Tarik Ragab and Moorea Dickason of MoeTar performing this bass and vocal version of "Barracuda": 

MoeTar is a 6-piece ArtRock band from Oakland, California fronted by the inimitable vocalist Moorea Dickason. MoeTar’s unique alchemy blends sophisticated pop hooks with a viciously technical musical canvas. The band’s first record, 2012’s From These Small Seeds, was a bold experiment; a visionary redefinition of the traditional “rock band.” MoeTar’s latest release, Entropy of the Century represents a maturation and crystallization of the band’s unique approach to pop and rock. The album’s 12 songs tackle the disparate issues humanity confronts as it begins a new century, cohering into an ultimately profound and redemptive musical statement that illustrates humans’ capacity to triumph over its own mistakes.

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