Watch the Beautiful Playing of Charlie Haden on "First Song" (VIDEO)

Watch this skillful performance of jazz great Charlie Haden performing "First Song"

Charlie Haden was known for a lot of things throughout his long and celebrated life, but perhaps he is remembered most now for his beautiful and emotive playing. He was such a caring and earnest man off the stage, that it's only natural that his brilliant demeanor translated to his bass playing. 

Here is Haden with his Quartet performing "First Song" with Gary Foster on tenor sax, Alan Broadbent on piano, and Larence Marable on drums: 

Here is another example of Haden's tasteful and thoughtful playing, this time with his Liberation Music Orchestra performing "Sandino":

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Charlie Haden: Grand Ole Opry Redux

ON MARCH 5, LEGENDARY JAZZ bassist Charlie Haden had a long awaited homecoming at Nashville’s legendary Grand Ole Opry, some 60 years after his family band last performed on the Ryman stage. As a child growing up in Missouri, many famous Nashville musicians would stop by and visit the Haden home while on tour, including Chet Atkins, Grady Martin, and Hank Garland, who advised Charlie to “head west and study jazz”. By his late teens, Haden was quickly becoming one of the preeminent bassists in jazz, establishing himself with free jazz pioneer Ornette Coleman and going on to collaborate with a innumerable pillars of the art form. He’s also made his own compositional statements with groups like the Liberation Music Orchestra and Quartet West.