Watch TheTim Commerford of Prophets of Rage's Inspired By Episode (VIDEO)

Tim’s longstanding relationship with the Music Man StingRay bass has helped him establish one of the most signature bass sounds in modern music.
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"My bass is definitely my weapon. I want to destroy people with my a good way. It's my tool but not as much as it's a weapon of low end." Introducing the debut of Ernie Ball Music Man's Inspired By with Tim Commerford of Prophets of Rage. Inspired By is a brand new web series that delves into the inspirations, motivations, and history of today's top guitar and bass players. Take a listen as Tim Commerford discusses his early days, using music as a voice and vehicle for protest, and his lifelong relationship with his StingRay Bass.

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Tim Commerford: Raging On

What happens when you mix two parts rap revolutionaries with three parts of the most politically driven, riot-instigating rock groups of the past three decades? The members of Prophets Of Rage will gladly answer that question with firm fist raised in the air.