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Watch Thundercat Perform "Tron Song" Live (VIDEO)

Stephen Bruner AKA Thundercat Tears Up a Live Version of "Tron Song"
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As a solo artist, Stephen Bruner AKA Thundercat, is taking the music world by storm with his electronic-meets-neo soul songwriting that is as funky as it is technically impressive. His latest album, Apocalypse, has gained him tremendous praise and has thrust him into the spotlight that keeps getting brighter thanks to his work with Flying Lotus and Erykah Badu.

Here's a clip of Thundercat playing "Tron Song" at a recent concert in New Orleans. If his fantastic attire doesn't mesmerize you enough, get down with his impressive bass work on his custom Ibanez Artcore 6-string. The cat has some impressive falsetto pipes as well!

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Thundercat: Astral Traveler

It’s impossible not to notice THUNDERCAT. In a comic-book world, he’d be the stocky, bearded black superhero wearing flashy socks with sandals, low-slung black jeans, a smart piece by Rad Hourani or Dries Van Noten, and a knit cap with Ewok ears; onstage, he might sport a Native American headpiece atop his custom-made Dragon Ball Z suit or perhaps a black T-shirt, shawl, and red satin shorts. You couldn’t miss him if you tried.