Watch Tony Kanal of No Doubt's Best Bass Performances (VIDEO)

We take a look at some of our favorite bass lines from Tony Kanal of No Doubt

When No Doubt hit the scene in the '90s they immediately blew up thanks to their genre-crossing songwriting, their charismatic stage presences, and of course, from having a singer known as Gwen Stefani. But behind all of that glitter was the heart and soul of the band, Tony Kanal. Not only did his bass lines power the music of No Doubt, but Tony was also responsible for the lion's share of the writing and directing of the band.

Here are some of our favorite bass performances of Kanal on the music of No Doubt.

"Spiderwebs" from No Doubt's third album, Tragic Kingdom (1995), is one of their biggest hits, and a big reason is Kanal's steadily grooving bass line: 

Here Kanal busts out the ska chops for his work on "Different People":

And here's a performance from 1997 in Stockholm, Sweden of Kanal's funky disco lines on "You Can Do It":