Wounded Paw Effects Battering Ram and Blender V3


Wounded Paw Effects

Toronto's Wounded Paw Effects have two new pedals that appeal to guitarists and bassists alike.

Battering Ram Overdrive+Fuzz
The Battering Ram is an Overdrive + Fuzz pedal which works equally well for guitar or bass or anything else you want to plug into it. Overdrive + Fuzz means that the overdrive and fuzz channels can work in parallel, each channel receiving the instrument signal, working their magic and then mixed back together at the output. The Overdrive channel with it's Drive, Lo, Hi and Level controls is switched on via the OD/Bypass stomp switch while the Fuzz channel has it's own stomp switch and Tone, Sustain, Octave and Level controls. The Split switch allows the Overdrive and Fuzz channels to be run individually as well.

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Blender V3
The Blender V3 is a parallel effects loop blender with 3 individually selectable effects loops. The instrument signal is split into 3 channels, sent to the 3 effects loops and then mixed back together. Channel A will default to a clean channel if there is nothing plugged into it's effects loop.

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Michael Ivins : On The Joy Of Effects

MICHAEL IVINS WAS AN AMATEURB when he joined the Flaming Lips in 1983, but he’s since evolved into a capable sideman and sound connoisseur. He’s helped engineer the Lips’ complex studio sessions since the mid ’90s. Embryonic marks a return to the band’s early freak-out aesthetic. It’s unabashed psychedelic rock, loaded with truckloads of fuzz and wild effects. Most of the material manifested from jams with frontman Wayne Coyne on bass and Steven Drozd on drums. The Lips’ endless role switching in the studio does not carry over to the stage, where Ivins always holds down the low end.