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On March 23rd, Eagle Rock Entertainment will re release Free Forever, a 2 disc DVD compilation of the seminal blues rock band Free, which featured bassist Andy Fraser, vocalist Paul Rodgers, guitarist Paul Kossoff, and drummer Simon Kirke. I'm almost
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On March 23rd, Eagle Rock Entertainment will re-release Free Forever, a 2-disc DVD compilation of the seminal blues-rock band Free, which featured bassist Andy Fraser, vocalist Paul Rodgers, guitarist Paul Kossoff, and drummer Simon Kirke. I'm almost through the first disc, and I've become a convert in quick order. Judging from the live TV footage of the band taken from 1970, these dudes could go toe-to-toe with just about any other rock band of the day. Rodgers is truly one of the great rock & roll vocalists, Fraser is a beast on his Gibson EB-3 (through Orange and Marshall stacks), and Kossoff is a blues -ock hero (so sad to think he died in 1976 at the mere age of 25...). I can't wait to dig into disc two's set from the band's 1970 performance at the Isle of Wright. —Brian Fox

BTW, did anyone out there happen to catch a performance of these guys back in the day? Would love to hear about it....


SXSW 2010 Topspin Demo

The SXSW Festival and Conference is a mecca for live musicians of all stripes, from rock to metal to country to rap to electronic and pop and everything in between. It all has a home here, and as far as music cities go, few can touch Austin's open accommodation of music culture. Of course for most bands, writing songs, playing shows and recording albums is most of the focus, but at some point, nearly all bands to turn to the question of how to get their music out to more people and built their fanbase, which is why many of them play at SXSW. But a festival like this is only the start of one path to stardom, and success never comes without hard work and calculated business.

Ben Allison, Think Free: In Stores and Online October 13

Bassist/composer Ben Allison's ninth album, Think Free, is part of a paradigm shift that began with his 2005 Palmetto Records release, Cowboy Justice. “I wanted a band that rocked,” says Allison of his changing sound. “I was moving away from the chamber-jazz elements of Medicine Wheel and Peace Pipe and trying to incorporate these other sounds into my music."

Free at Last: Andy Fraser

IN THE EARLY ’70S, ARMED WITH SEMINAL songs like “All Right Now” and “Fire and Water,” Free electrifi ed the rock world with its less-is-more brand of fi ery blues rock.


The Real World: David Salwitz.

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The Real World: David Salwitz

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Dig My Rig, February 2011

I DON’T THINK I’LL EVER BE MORE portable than this I’m running a Mark Bass Little Mark Tube 800 into two Acme Sound B1 3 way cabinets. The whole thing weighs less than your average 5th grader and has about