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Am just now getting back to the office and spinning up the turbines after a remarkable weekend at Bass Player LIVE! Us editors spend a lot of long hard hours indoors cranking out copy, and while your emails, letters, and forum posts are an invaluable source of affirmation, getting to meet our readers in person is a true joy. That's especially true in the context of BPL, which is such an inspiring, living/breathing example of what makes bass playing so powerful, important, and, well, full of love.

Bestowing lifetime achievement awards on Charlie Haden and Rocco Prestia, checking out the incredible clinics, catching up with the latest gear, making new friends--all of these experiences were irreplaceable. Keep checking back as the many hours of video are uploaded. Most important for those that were there, please let me know what you thought. What did you like/dislike about the weekend? How can we make it even better next year? All comments are appreciated!

Jonathan Herrera



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