Jonathan Herrera: Unbelievable coolness in NYC

An incredible trip to NY.     

Sometimes you go to New York and think, "This could only happen in New York." My trip last weekend was such a time. My first day I went to the grand opening of Warwick's new custom shop showroom in the East Village. Warwick wants a spot where U.S. players interested in their super-high-end custom-made basses can go and play the stuff, as the average Guitar Center doesn't usually have the eye-popping stuff on hand. The hosted a fun party at the new location and a highly recommend making a stop next time you're in NY.

The next day I had what would prove to be the most mind-blowing musical experience, at least as a listener, I've ever had. We're doing a big story on Motown's 50th Anniversary for our December that end, I got access to the Universal Mastering studios to listen to some Motown master multitrack tapes. We're talking being able to hear Jamerson soloed on Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, the Temps, the Supremes, etc. Not to mention the studio chatter, background vocals, fades, and more. Anthony Jackson and James Jamerson Jr. were there, as was Contributing Editor Chris Jisi. It was unbelievably cool, and I can't wait to get the story together to relate some of this coolness in print...


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