Seeing Meshell Tonight

 Meshell is so funky, it's scary...
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 Meshell Ndgeocello is at Yoshi's Oakland tonight. On the (hopefully) unlikely chance that you don't know who that is, may I present Exhibit A as to why she is one of the absolute funkiest bass players ever?


 I'm not even getting into her deep songwriting, hip production and programming, and overall musical concept. Meshell is the real deal, y'all. If any of you are there tonight, come say hi...JH


Beller Pedalboard

New Gear Blog: Mike Lull T-Bass, New Pedalboard

First, it's come to my attention that the kind folks at Bass Player Magazine have launched a new website (, and as part of it they're posting blogs by their writers. So some of the stuff I write here will end up over there. If you're reading this at the BP site already, well, hello!

Student Teacher

Between family life, gigs, and the business of making magazines, I don’t have as much time as I’d like to take on bass students. But for the past year or so, I’ve made a point to hang on to one—an

Bassists For Japan

By Chris JisiGrooving for a good cause. I got to check out two great benefit concerts on May 15 and 17. Marcus Miller and Will Lee have been to Japan over 50 times between them, so it was no surprise—but

Mess o' Messe

So I’m here at Musikmesse in Frankfurt, and I’ll be honest—the jetlag has left me pretty delirious, and the glut of frankfurters and döner kebabs, while delicious, has left me in a less than coherent state. I walked the halls


The Real World: David Salwitz.

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