The Real World: Spencer Pyne

Home base Centennial, Colorado Occupation IT Professional Gigs Zing , Coral Creek, Eddie & The Haskells, Exit 232, The Naughty Chanteuse Review Basses Kinal SKB 5, STR LS 549, LeFay Midas 5, Brooklyn Custom 5, Xotic XB 2 6, Stambaugh

Home base Centennial, Colorado


Occupation IT Professional

Gigs Zing!, Coral Creek, Eddie & The Haskells, Exit 232, The Naughty Chanteuse Review

Basses Kinal SKB-5, STR LS-549, LeFay Midas 5, Brooklyn Custom 5, Xotic XB-2 6, Stambaugh Fretless 5, Yamaha BB-2000 (fretted and fretless), Fender Precision Bass (MIJ), John Kallas 66 Jazz Bass, Custom TBC Lightwave Fretless 5

Rig Eden WT-800, WT-405, WT-390, and WTX-260 heads; Eden D112XLT and D110T cabinets

Effects Roland CE-20 Chorus, Roland SY-3, Line 6 Echo Park

Strings, etc. Elixir

Heroes & Inspiration Leland Sklar, Jimmie Johnson, Blake Eberhart, George Hawkins Jr., Kevin Gilbert, John Entwistle, James Jamerson, and Jaco Pastorius

How did you come to play bass? As a 14-year-old trombone player, I saw that all the girls were interested in guys in rock bands. I figured learning the bass guitar would be easier because it only had four strings. It was a conscious decision to meet girls and become more popular. The good news is, it worked!

What’s a lesson you’ve learned along the way? There will always be someone who can play rings around you on a technical level, so just focus on playing for the song and don’t worry about the competition. Also it’s the space between the notes that really matters. It’s not how many notes you can play or how fast you can play them.

What are your musical goals? Continue to develop my skills as a producer and player. Find as many opportunities to play original music as possible. Continue to impart my passion and love for music to my daughter Jasmine who is already a guitar-playing singer-songwriter at only 14 years old (




The Real World: Joel Loh

Home Base Singapore Occupation Graduate student Gigs Crossculture, freelance pub gigs Basses Eminence portable upright 5 string (EADGC), Korean French style bow Yamaha BB450 Rig Line 6 Lowdown Studio 110 (for small venues), Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI (for


The Real World: Barry E. Nelson

Home base Lancaster, California Occupation Supervisor Gigs The New Jazz Ministry, the Groove Committee Basses 5 string Washburn XB 125, 1974 Fender Jazz Bass, fretless Tokai Rig Hartke HA3500, Hartke 2x10 & Peavey 1x18 Samson VR3 wireless Strings Rotosound Swing


The Real World: Gregori Hofman

Home base Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa (currently in London, U.K.) Occupation Student musician Gigs Noush Skaugen, Hepz Tagoe, Maryland, K Loc Basses Fender Deluxe Precision Bass, Warwick Double Buck 5 string, Fender American Deluxe 5 string, Ibanez acoustic bass


The Real World: Brian Ellis

Home base Brooklyn, NY Occupation Clerical associate Gigs Gospel services Bass Schecter Stiletto Studio 5 Rig Hartke 3000 head, Hartke 4x10 cab Effects Korg Pandora PX4D Strings, etc. Hartke Light 5 String Heroes Verdine White and Robert “Kool” Bell History


The Real World: David Salwitz.

Home base Seattle, WA Occupation Project Manager Gigs Indigo Soul (indie rock), the Grand Delusion (Styx tribute), Highway Run (Journey tribute) the About Face Band (classic rock) Basses Music Man StingRay 4, Music Man StingRay 5, Moog Taurus Bass Pedals


The Real World: Jon Preis

Home base Willamett Valley, Oregon Occupation Recreation Consultant Gigs The Yachtsmen, Cumulus, Plazaphonic , Chasing the Ghosts, 6Volt, the Grey Effect Basses Fender Precision Bass (modded to ’62 specs, with Badass bridge), Fender Aerodyne Jazz (with Badass II bridge), 1978


The Real World: David Salwitz

Home base Henrietta, NY Occupation Engineering Project Manager Gigs Route 49, NativSun Basses 1991 Fender Jazz Deluxe, Warwick Corvette, ’70s Fender P Bass Rig Ampeg SVT Heroes & Inspiration Nathan East, Leland Sklar, Paul McCartney How did you come to