Winter NAMM 2010 Is Over...What did we learn? -

Winter NAMM 2010 Is Over...What did we learn?

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I'm finally beginning to decompress from the NAMM show, although the incessant rain in the Bay Area is preventing me from spending some much needed time outside (you spend about 3% of your NAMM day outside, and you begin to miss oxygen after awhile).

If I had to neatly package this year's NAMM in one overly simplistic word, it'd be "optimism." Whereas last year's show was a bit bleak, both in spirit and attendance, this year's was buzzing with a reinvigorated sense of glee and nuttiness; a good indication of the industry's renewed growth after an unusually tough year.

Honestly, I don't think I saw a bass product that completely blew my mind from a technological perspective (as has happened in year's past, e.g. the first time I saw the Line 6 Variax Bass), but there was much cleverness, beauty, and craftsmanship on display. Be sure to check out the Community page for our Flickr gallery and the BP Twitter feed @bassplayermag for pix, vids, and more.

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NAMM 2010 Warm Up

Among the tons and tons of new gear we're looking forward to getting our hands on at this year's Winter NAMM show, are three new basses from Warwick. The Adam Clayton Reverso model reflects a first time collaboration between U2’s

NAMM--Halfway there!

 The Winter NAMM show is in full swing, and to my eyes, it's the busiest one in a while. Bass wise, there's much to check out. Some notable early highlights the Fender 50th Anniversary Jazz Bass, the Aguilar Filter Twin


SXSW 2010, A Heavy Opening

There's always so much going on at SXSW that it' impossible to hit every single showcase worth going to, and choosing one over another is no easy task. But when it came to Tuesday and Wednesday nights, there was no question in our minds were we needed to be.


New Gear from NAMM 2010

THE VIBE OF THIS YEAR’S NAMM SHOW WAS UPBEAT, PERHAPS INFLUENCED BY THE ECONOMIC improvements of the past year. Manufacturers, retailers, and artists were excited by the variety of new products, and getting to check them out in person was an absolute delight. What follows is in no way a comprehensive list of new items from NAMM, but rather a small selection from the many products that caught our eye. Please note: A few manufacturers big NAMM releases were covered in our April issue, and we’ll continue to cover new releases in future issues. Check out the manufacturers’ websites for more details on products that grab your attention, and for our photos, videos, and blogs from the show floor, go to the Community page at