BPL '11: Bromberg Press Conference, Feraud Super Band, New Fodera & More!

Just days remain before what promises to be an historic Bass Player LIVE!

Just days remain before what promises to be an historic Bass Player LIVE! Solo bass artist and doubler extraordinaire Brian Bromberg has requested a press conference to address his plucking peers. Asked about the nature of his announcement, Brian will only reveal the following: “It concerns an exciting new project that will involve, support, and benefit the entire bass community.” Intrigued? So are we. Join us at 2PM Saturday, at S.I.R. for Brian’s big address.

In other news, Marcus Miller will be signing autographs and selling CDs at the Fender Booth at S.I.R. on Saturday at 12 Noon.

Victor Wooten’s latest CD, his 15th Aniversary remastered, bonus-track reissue of A Show of Hands 15, will be available along with other Wooten swag at the Fodera booth. Speaking of Fodera, they will officially introduce a brand new model bass at 11:30AM Saturday, at their booth.

Hadrien Feraud sends word that he will be joined by keyboardist Ruslan Sirota and drum superstar Ronald Bruner (both from Stanley Clarke’s band) for his 4PM Sunday clinic at S.I.R. Bruner will also be drumming in Rickey Minor’s clinic, which features guitarist Paul Jackson, Jr. and keyboardist John Beasley.

The latest additions to the special guest appearances include L.A. session ace Reggie Hamilton and Conan O’Brien Basic Cable Band bassist Mike Merritt. And don’t forget the two-song jam that closes the Saturday night concert, musical directed once again by Steve Bailey, boasting twenty top bassists, and drum legend James Gadson.

For an event that also includes Larry Graham, Jack Casady, Pino Palladino, Anthony Jackson, dUg Pinnick, Blasko, Rickey Minor, Andrew Gouche, Abraham Laboriel, Lee Sklar, James Jamerson, Jr. and more, can you afford not to be in L.A. this weekend?!