That's a whole world of bass wisdom in a single issue...

The world of bass is moving forward, and we’re going with it – which is why we asked you, our readers, to vote last month in an online poll of the Hottest (or Coolest if you prefer) Bassists In The World. We were looking for your nominations for bass players, young, old, new or established, who are taking the instrument forward – and you voted in your thousands. This issue is the result!

Joe Dart of Vulfpeck came in at Number 1 on our poll with ease, reflecting the admiration the bass community feels for his phenomenal skills on the instrument. Snapping at his heels in the top few entries came Mohini Dey, the Indian bass prodigy; Michael League of Snarky Puppy; and Austrian bass educator and performer Ariane Cap. We're absolutely delighted that we managed to sit down with all four of these remarkable musicians, devoting four collectible covers of this issue to all of them. Between them, they teach us a vast amount about the role of the bass guitar as the century’s third decade approaches, as well as the role of technology and the mindset you need to make it as a professional musician.

Elsewhere we meet equally worthy bassists whose presence has gone back a few more years than our feisty foursome – John Lodge of the Moody Blues, Tim Lefebvre, Chuck Garric and the mighty Freekbass among them. We road-test a range of killer bass gear for all pockets – from a £115 pedal and a £175 amp to a bass costing £2749 – and we bring you world-class lessons from Stuart Hamm, Joe Hubbard, Steve Lawson, Phil Mann and Stuart Clayton. All of bass life is here, and we’re delighted that you’re coming along for the ride. See you in July!


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The 100 Greatest Bass Players of All Time

What is it about lists? People love making them, reading them, and listening to them. Lists bring order to chaos. They help us remember things. They’re easy to scan. They promise instant knowledge. And they give us an opportunity to disagree.