Ampeg, January 1973

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From the January 1973 issue of Guitar Player. They make hybrid rides now.

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BPRecommends : January 2010

Wayne Krantz Krantz Carlock Lefebvre [Abstract Logix] Guitar beacon Krantz takes his longest-running live trio (Tim Lefebvre and drummer Keith Carlock) into the studio with striking results. Given the ability to enhance the unit’s rock-funk explorations via overdubs of everything from acoustic guitar and spot vocals to all manner of manipulated effects, Krantz delivers a landmark outing. Lefebvre’s P-Bass is the perfect sonic and musical compliment throughout, from the soul-hop of “It’s No Fun Not to Like Pop,” and the trippy “Wine Is the Thread,” to the punk-ish “I Was Like,” and the industrial-strength “Left It on the Playground.” (CJ)