Announcing Bass Aficionado and Your Chance To Win A Fodera Bass

Today's Hottest Bass Players, Including Victor Wooten, Anthony Jackson and Janek Gwizdala; All of This and More in Your Free Download of BASS Afficionado.
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Are you contemplating an upgrade to your bass, whether it be a standard or custom build? We here at Fodera Guitars and the editors of Bass Player Magazine in conjunction with New Bay Media have collaborated on a special digital issue addressing this topic in great detail. Bass Aficionado features articles and bonus video footage on topics such as building a custom bass, choosing a custom builder, tone woods, scale length, active vs. passive pickups on board preamps, proper set-up - from bridge to truss rod and nut - plus string installation and adjustment, care and maintenance and more! In addition the issue will feature lessons from Fodera Artists Anthony Jackson, Lincoln Goines, Janek Gwizdala, Bryant Siono, and Victor Wooten! 


In celebration of the premier of Bass Aficionado, we will also be conducting a special giveaway for your chance to win this Monarch Standard Limited in Aged Cherry Burst!

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All Club Fodera members are automatically entered for this giveaway (if you would like to be removed from this giveaway, please email 


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Fodera Yin Yang Standard & Emperor 5 Standard

FODERA BASSES HAVE LONG BEEN THE stuff of dreams for most bass players—their reputation as exquisite instruments and their association with some of the bass world’s baddest players (Anthony Jackson, Victor Wooten, and Matt Garrison among them) make them among the most coveted basses on the market.