Ashdown Launch the New Rootmaster EVO Range

Less weight, new looks and more power upgrades the second incarnation of the hugely popular Ashdown Rootmaster Range, bringing you the Rootmaster EVO Bass Amp Range.
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Ashdown Rootmaster EVO range remains true to its predecessor, by delivering workhorse reliability and great tone at an affordable price, however the second evolution of the Rootmaster range has resulted in a focused range of lightweight bass amplifier heads, cabs and combos that offer improved features and nish, coupled with a dramatic reduction in weight.

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The Rootmaster’s pre amp now includes a passive and active input jack socket for use with high and low output instruments, this sets a clear signal path to the input control enabling you to ne tune your input level using the trademark Ashdown VU meter. With the signal at its optimal level, you then hit the rich features of the Rootmaster designed enhance your tone, such as the shape button, 5-band EQ and on-board compressor. The drive control, as always delivers a delectable valve emulated over-drive, whilst the sub harmonic controls add further fatness to your tone - both can be foot-switched via an FS 2 footswitch (sold separately). The new Rootmaster EVO range features an upgraded power section plus a handy mute but- ton.

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New to the mix is the RM-500 EVO Head. Its 500-watt power section has been developed to maintain a deep low end, de ned mids and transient highs delivering its output into a 4-ohm load. The Rootmaster 500 EVO Head will sit next to its bigger brother, the RM-800 EVO, for those of you looking for slightly more headroom.

Ashdown have further streamlined the combos in the product range and have thus designed three new powerful 500 watt combos including a 1 x15”, a 2 x 10” and a 1 x 12” combo – the C115 500, C210 500 and C112 500 respectively. The new Rootmaster EVO combos have been made from ply to cut down on weight by 12kgs (26lbs) without risk to the signature Ashdown sound. The new combos employ the NEW Ashdown White Line speakers for a re ned tone. All combos can be expanded with the addition of an 8 ohm extension cabinet output to produce full power - making the new Rootmaster EVO range one of the most versa- tile systems available in the market today.

The range sees a new dimension in cabinet design using light-weight ply wood across the range, introducing the NEW Compact 115T, Compact 210T, Compact 112T and Compact 610T (with castors). The new cabs are designed to stack together to give you a very powerful yet lightweight and compact set up.

Now with a three-way tweeter control, bar handles for ease of transport along with NEW Ashdown White Line speakers nished in Buffalo Tolex with a Black cloth grill, the cabinets stand out from the crowd with distinctive looks and quality nish.

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Tonally, the compact design maintains the low-end response with a more dynamic mid range. The addition of the tweeter provides extra high end and can be adjusted either to either hi, low or off depending on the player’s preference.

Building on Ashdown’s 30 plus years of experience of making bass amps, the new Rootmaster EVO range is engineered for people who require reliable lightweight powerful rigs that wont break the bank. Ashdown remains best foundations on which to build the most important bass sound of all – your own.

The Ashdown Rootmaster EVO range will be shipping in February 2016.

For more information: ASHDOWN


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Ashdown Engineering Celebrates 19th Anniversary

Ashdown have turned 19! It all began for Ashdown back 1997, but even in those early days, company founder Mark Gooday could've already easily been described as a bass amp veteran having previously been managing director of Trace Elliot.

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Ashdown Establishes Ashdown USA

For the first time in the company’s history we have decided to establish Ashdown USA LLC. Effective immediately. We have set up warehousing logistics and service facilities in California to ensure that we provide the best levels of technical and customer service, distribution and support.