Ashdown's B-Social Desktop Bass Amplifier

Powerful yet compact 75W stereo desktop bass amp with wireless connectivity, Bluetooth music streaming, Apptek and USB DAW connectivity and beautiful rounded looks. What more could you possibly need?
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Ashdown are proud to launch the first desktop amp system designed with bass guitarists in mind. Originally announced at NAMM 2015, the B-Social delivers 75 watts of signature Ashdown bass tone (in stereo) from its two custom 5” drivers, paired with highly innovative connectivity straight to the desktop in a compact and powerful amp that looks great in the bedroom, lounge, home studio or stage.

Refined, perfected and upgraded during 2015, Ashdown stand proud of their game changing creation, which now features innovative and strong enhancements such as 3 band EQ and output level controls for the stereo audio, as well as upgrading the unit to the latest Micro USB and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. The B-Social is not only a bass amp, but also a fully edged music entertainment system that certainly gives other wireless Bluetooth audio systems a run for their money.

If the product itself wasn’t enthusing enough, at the end of 2015 Ashdown delightedly announced that Doug Wimbish had joined the family as the man behind the B-Social. Longtime friend, Wimbish said, “The thing that moved me towards Ashdown is the B-Social. No one is doing anything like it. For me, the B-Social is perfect, versatility in one product like no other. From listening to music at home to use with teaching, for gaming, recording and playing small gigs where my big rig is too big -
Ashdown’s B-Social is a total game changer.”

Doug Wimbish has taken the time to do a series of six videos taking you through the B-Social and all its facilities:

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The B-Social allows players to unlock further tonal possibilities by utilizing the App-Tek socket and dialing in to the Agile Partners Amp Kit App, which has an ever-growing range of amp sim and effects apps, including Ashdown’s very own ABM Pre App. Available on iOS smartphones and tablets.

Allowing the bassist to roam at home, the B-Social features Bluetooth connectivity and a plug-and-play transmitter that allows the user to connect wirelessly to the amp for cable free jamming. The transmitter includes a mic in mini jack socket with a volume control and is chargeable via a Micro USB charging socket (cable included). Bluetooth connectivity also enables audio streaming from any compatible music player.

Adding the ‘social’ dimension to the B-Social, the amp features a second input so the bassist can play along with another bass player or guitarist - electric or acoustic. This simple and rather obvious feature is often overlooked by other amp companies. “Being able to plug into a single amp with a friend or band mate makes B-Social a great tool for collaborative writing and recording.” says Mark Gooday, MD of Ashdown Engineering.

Recording is made simple and effective via the built-in USB audio interface, compatible with all major DAWs on both PC and Mac. The stereo output features a button to enable latency-free monitoring when in use with a DAW. Enabling the new speaker mute switch allowing for headphone monitoring and silent practice.

The B-Social is available in three stunning high gloss finishes – Natural Wood, Black and White, with the op- tion to replace the front panel for a new look at a later date if you wish to do so.

The Ashdown B-Social is shipping now. For more information visit: ASHDOWN


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Ashdown Establishes Ashdown USA

For the first time in the company’s history we have decided to establish Ashdown USA LLC. Effective immediately. We have set up warehousing logistics and service facilities in California to ensure that we provide the best levels of technical and customer service, distribution and support.