The BOOM-1 Tactile Transducer Processor is easy to use and provides a natural low-frequency extension to your monitoring experience

Aviom is pleased to announce the release of the innovative BOOM-1 Tactile Transducer Processor. Now you can feel your monitor mix. The BOOM-1 is designed to dramatically enhance a performer’s personal mixing experience by adding optimally-processed low-frequency tactile information to an in-ear or headphone monitor mix. The BOOM-1 processor connects to tactile transducers installed in drum thrones, keyboard seats, performance stools, platforms, or stages. Being able to hear and feel your mix can significantly improve the user experience, providing powerful sound usually achieved only with large, high quality speaker cabinets. 

Designed by Aviom, the personal monitor experts, the BOOM-1 Tactile Transducer Processor is easy to use and provides a natural low-frequency extension to your monitoring experience. It's compatible with Aviom’s industry standard A360, A320, and all other Personal Mixers. Adding a well processed low-frequency tactile transducer (also known as a 'bass shaker') to a drum throne, keyboard seat, guitarist's stool, performance platform, or even to the floor of a stage, allows the body to feel bass frequencies, adding realism to the mix. The BOOM-1 Tactile Transducer Processor brings Aviom-optimized DSP to the tactile experience. 

According to Aviom’s CEO, Carl Bader, “As a drummer and a singer, adding a tactile transducer completes the sonic picture when monitoring. I’ve been fine-tuning the concept for my own rig for years. It’s now an integral part of my performance. What was always missing from off-the-shelf tactile transducer solutions was refined control, a way to make it feel natural; and that takes a lot of DSP. The desired result is a dynamic extension of your performance experience and not a gimmicky effect. A well-tuned tactile transducer system provides a more accurate performance and significantly less sound-level-induced fatigue; and most importantly, it makes playing and singing with in-ear monitors or headphones a lot more fun.” 

 Tactile transducers are especially beneficial to those using electronic drum kits, as well as guitar and bass amp simulators. Why? Because playing an acoustic drum kit or an electric guitar or bass through an amp actually vibrates the floor and this vibration becomes part of the live performance experience. When you switch to an electronic drum kit or a modeled amp system without speaker cabinets, those natural vibrations are eliminated. ...Until now. 

The BOOM-1 Tactile Transducer Processor is scheduled to begin shipping in Q3, 2018. With more than 150,000 personal mixers on stages and in studios around the world, Aviom has helped more musicians fix their monitors than any other brand. Aviom personal mixers are designed with the performing and recording musician in mind, with streamlined user interfaces and powerful, practical features. All Aviom products are designed, manufactured, and supported in the USA. 

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