Backbeat Books Updates ‘The Bass Handbook'

Everything you always wanted to know about basses, amps, players, setups, and history but were afraid to ask.
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This updated version of Adrian Ashton’s step-by-step course in playing the bass guitar is the latest addition to Backbeat Book’s popular Handbook Series.

“Adrian’s book tells you everything you could possibly want to know about instruments, amplifiers, effects, players, setups, and history. It’s all here. Not to mention just plain interesting stuff that even an old hand like myself can find fascinating,” says John Paul Jones in the foreword of The Bass Handbook.

The electric bass guitar is central to modern music, playing a key role in melody, harmony, and rhythm. This book will help any bassists - beginners and advanced players - to master the instrument and find their own style. The book includes:

• A course in playing from tuning up to advanced harmony
• Guidance on how to read both tab and standard notation
• Instructions in modern techniques, including slapping and harmonics, and in how to improve your performance on stage and in a band
• Exercises in the style of ten great artists, including Paul McCartney, Flea, Bernard Edwards, Chris Wolstenholme, and James Jamerson
• Coverage of a range of genres, from rock and blues to jazz, funk, and metal
• A history of the electric bass and profiles of the most important instruments
• Biographies of the great players, plus recommended listening
• Advice on amps, speakers, strings, pickups, and cables
• The included CD contains 97 tracks of the book’s key musical exercises and examples

“Writing with the authority and technical know-how of a player as well as an aficionado, Adrian has a dedication and obvious love of all things low frequency that makes this book no practicing or prospective bass guitarist can be without,” concludes John Paul Jones.

About the Author:
Adrian Ashton has 20 years of experience as a player, teacher, and writer. A graduate of the Bass Institute of Technology in Los Angeles, he was the founding editor of the UK’s Bass Guitar Magazine.

The Bass Handbook
$29.99 (US)

256 pages

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