Darkglass Electronics Unveils the Vintage Ultra

The Vintage Ultra is a true elixir for low end lovers
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Designed and built in Helsinki, the Vintage Ultra is the result of the finest engineering process we have ever accomplished. 40 years ago it was necessary to carry a massive amp to have a rich, tight and articulated sound for bass players. Today, all you need is a super portable preamp which enables on one side a massive clean sound, and from the other side, a tasty saturated sound.


Whereas the Level Knob controls the output of the overdrive section the Master volume adjusts the overall volume of the unit. Ideal for fine tuning the output on clean mode. It also serves as a DI level control.

Mixes the clean input signal with the overdriven signal. The clean signal remains at unity gain while the volume of the overdriven signal is set by the Level knob, allowing for fine control of the blend ratio.

Sets the volume of the overdriven signal.


Sets the amount of saturation in the overdriven signal.

•Attack Switch
Sets the amount of treble content to saturate: The "Boost" setting emphasizes the treble content extra clarity and presence. The "Flat" position leaves this register untouched while the "Cut" position will reduce the amount of high frequencies being saturated.

•Grunt Switch
Sets the amount of low frequency content to saturate by selecting between three different bass boost levels before the clipping stage.

+-12dB @ 100Hz

•Lo Mids
+-12dB switchable 250Hz, 500Hz and 1kHz

•Hi Mids
+-12dB switchable 750Hz, 1.5KHz and 3kHz

+-12dB @ 5kHz

•Direct Output
A balanced version of the ¼” output, useful for running into PA’s or studio mixing consoles.

10.7x12 cm (4.21x4.72 in)


The Vintage Ultra is currently available from all Darkglass worldwide retailers.

Suggested retail price: USD $389 - €355.

Full list of Darkglass retailers around the globe: http://www.darkglass.com/dealers/

Based in Helsinki, Darkglass Electronics has been designing some of the finest effects for bass guitar in the market since 2009.

With an uncompromising commitment to excellence, a constant striving for improvement, and an absolute dedication to perfecting the craft of tone constructing, Darkglass Electronics has worked with some of the most renowned names in the Industry.

For more information feel free to visit http://www.darkglass.com/