Dean Zelinsky Guitars Announces The Mule 4 & 5-String Basses

Dean Zelinsky Guitars debut the Mule line of basses, the world’s first bass to feature Zelinsky’s Patented Z-Glide® Reduced Friction Neck
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Dean Zelinsky Guitars announced today the debut of the Mule line of basses, the world’s first bass to feature Zelinsky’s Patented Z-Glide® Reduced Friction Neck. As with all of Zelinsky’s latest designs, the line of Mule Basses are sold exclusively through the company’s website,

The Mule Bass features Zelinsky’s new, revolutionary thumb-rail body-design. The Thumb-Rail is a ridge uniquely carved into the contoured body, offering the player a thumb rest anywhere they desire along the length of the body. Zelinsky is the first to introduce a bass with such a strategic body design.

Zelinsky states, “I set out to design a vintage feeling and looking bass, but with some cutting edge technology. With my Thumb-Rail body design, bass players are no longer limited to resting their thumb strictly on the pickups. The Thumb-Rail opens up limitless tonal options with your picking hand.”

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Zelinsky continued, “The Z-Glide neck on the Mule is extremely meaningful as well. Bass players can now experience that same great ease of getting up and down the neck that thousands of guitar players who have purchased our Z-Glide equipped guitars enjoy.”

The Mule comes in both 4 and 5 string models, has two of Zelinsky’s active humbucking bass pickups, a blend control, stacked treble and bass boost, rock hard maple Z-Glide® Neck, heavily contoured, thin lightweight body design, graphite nut, and close ratio tuners.

Zelinsky designed the Mule to be a very affordable alternative to what is already out there in the custom bass world. The advanced body contouring makes this bass ultra-comfortable to play with styling that rivals basses at twice the price…and more.

Dean Zelinsky Guitars and Basses are only sold direct to consumer at factory direct pricing. The company offers easy monthly payment options with instant online approval through Affirm Payments. Mule Basses start as low as $51 per month at

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About Z-Glide® Neck:
The patented Z-Glide® Neck invented by Dean Zelinsky, eliminates that undesirable sticky/clammy feeling lacquered necks are known to produce…lets your hand glide effortlessly up and down the neck. Z-Glide® is achieved by precisely engraving a carefully tested pattern into the back of the nec,k which reduces surface area by 70% and putting a bit of air between you and your guitar. 80% of all the guitars Zelinsky sells incorporate his Z-Glide® neck.

About Dean Zelinsky Guitars: Dean Zelinsky founded Dean Guitars in 1976 at the age of 18. He launched his new line, Dean Zelinsky Guitars, in July 2013 and is the first world-renowned guitar designer/builder to pioneer exclusive direct to consumer sales, at factory direct pricing through his online site

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Zelinsky is known for creating quality guitars for many of Rock’s legendary guitarists including: ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons and the famous Spinning Fur Guitars. Other notable artists that have performed with Dean Zelinsky’s Guitars over the years include; The Legendary Johnny Winter, Pantera’s Dimebag Darrell, Michael Schenker, Rudolf Schenker, Sammy Hagar, Rik Ocasek & Elliot Easton of The Cars, Triumph’s Rik Emmett, Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine, Zakk Wylde, Nancy Wilson & Howard Lease of Heart, Nine Inch Nail’s Trent Reznor, Leslie West, Kerry Livgren and Rich Williams of Kansas, John McFee of the Doobie Brothers, Steve Stevens of Billy Idol, Iron Maiden’s Dave Murray, Steve Clark & Phil Collen of Def Leppard, Slayer’s Kerry King, Lita Ford, Vince Neal, Rascal Flatts’s Joe Don Rooney, and scores of others have all played guitars designed and built by Zelinsky.

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Dean Zelinsky Guitars is the creation of master guitar builder Dean Zelinsky. Dean Zelinsky Guitars represents the crowning point of Zelinsky’s 39 plus years as a guitar designer to the stars. The Dean Zelinsky Guitar collection includes the LaVoce, Tagliare, StrettaVita, Zenyatta, and Mule Bass. Selected models feature new guitar technology options, such as his patented Z-Glide® (Reduced Friction) Neck. Now, musicians can buy the same quality instrument direct from the man who created such luminary guitars. The company has a USA facility in the Chicago, IL suburbs, offshore manufacturing and worldwide distribution. Dean Zelinsky Guitars range from $369 to $6000.