Introducing the all-new Player Series electric guitars and basses—for players ready to take that next step in their musical journey with Fender’s iconic electric models. The Player Series is the long-awaited successor to the Fender Standard Series and sets a new benchmark for quality and performance, with upgraded and cool new features, including:

• New pickups for legendary vintage tones heard on some of the world’s most influential records

• Updated body radii for improved comfort and feel

• 22-fret necks for extended range

• Upgraded bridges for improved performance and easier setup

• New colors, our classic logo and “F”-stamped neck plate for a more authentic Fender look

Built for players who dream of taking their art to the next level, these guitars have that signature sound and classic look that have helped shape popular music for over 70 years—and they’re the best we’ve built in the $649.99–$774.99 price-range. The ultimate creative partner, Fender Player Series guitars and basses are the respected and legitimate choice, unlocking infinite creative opportunities for players who choose to pair their individual style with Fender’s often imitated, but never duplicated gear.

Quality craftsmanship, timeless designs, iconic sound and style, built on the foundation of legends—the Player Series is designed to start your musical legacy with authentic Fender tone and feel. Every Player Series instrument is authentically Fender. They have the sound, style and feel that makes Fender electric instruments the choice of musical legends.

Fender Player Series guitars and basses are already being used across multiple musical genres by top artists such as: Jeff “Gitty” Gitleman—record producer, guitarist and songwriter; Clementine Creevy—guitarist for Cherry Glazerr; Whitey Morgan and the 78’s—American hony tonk country band–accompanying each on their musical journey toward exceptional artistry.

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Mitchell Guitars Unveils Their MB Series of Basses

The Mitchell MB Series basses are designed with premium features and sound options that every advancing bassist needs, enabling them to cover wide musical ground. With a variety of feature configurations and finish options there’s an MB Series bass for every player.