Fodera Introduces the Masterbuilt "Kestrel" Bass

The Kestrel has a dynamic look when in flight that I have always found fascinating
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Fodera Guitars is proud to present the second installment to our Masterbuilt line - The Imperial 5 Elite - "Kestrel" ! Over the years we have produced a number of special instruments that feature inlays of various birds. The Kestrel "has a dynamic look when in flight that I have always found fascinating", according to Vinny. In order to create the illusion of a Kestrel in flight, a very rare, old-growth, one-piece Brazilian Rosewood top was selected as the backdrop for the hand-cut Mother of Pearl inlay, designed in collaboration with one of our team members, Emily Krohn. Jason and Vinny selected a two-tone Brazilian top that includes both sapwood and heartwood to create the effect of sky and horizon. As an interesting aside, this piece of Brazilian has been something that both Jason and Vinny have wanted to build something wonderful with ever since the early days of their friendship almost ten years ago. 

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Masterbuilt #2 features some of the very finest materials that we have available to us and includes a chambered Walnut body, flamed alder tone-block, and a 5-pc Red Oak / Wenge / Maple neck capped with a uniquely figured Ebony fingerboard featuring an Abalone Line inlay. This tonal recipe yields deep, rich, articulate lows with a wonderful presence and piano-like clarity in the upper register. That said, the chambering to the Walnut body adds just a bit of acoustic quality to the overall sound. Finally the bass features a single Fodera / Seymour Duncan Dual Coil pickup and our proprietary Fodera / Pope 3-band preamp offering vast tonal flexibility.

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-Chambered Walnut Body
-Flamed Alder Tone-Block
-Brazilian Rosewood Topwood (Solid Top)
-5-pc Red Oak / Wenge / Maple Neck
-Ebony Fingerboard
-Mother of Pearl "Kestrel" and Abalone Line Inlay
-34" Scale Length, 24 Frets (large), 19.0mm Spacing
-Fodera / Seymour Duncan Dual Coil Pickup
-Fodera / Pope 3-Band Custom Preamp 

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