Tuning speed, accuracy and consistency are vital for any bass player, regardless of musical genre. Despite the differences in pitch change between each string on a bass, standard bass machine heads use the same gear ratio for every string. The lower the pitch of a string, the thicker the inside core of that string, and the more sensitive it is to tension changes. On top of that, the overall diameter again affects the string's sensitivity to tension. Hence, a low E or B string is very easy to overshoot, while a G string is much slower in reacting to a tuning change. Second-guessing how to turn the machine head to get the string back to pitch back can be a minefield in the heat of battle - or the middle of a performance!

So, what if every string tuned, reacted and felt the same? Let’s say your electronic tuner said your D string were down 10 cents, you know how much to turn the knob… for that string, and for every string. It takes a lot of guesswork out of the equation of tuning and tuning fast, and gets you back to do what you should be doing… Performing!

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Examples of the acoustic and electric guitar products

The patented concept of RATIO® machine heads is simple, but the benefit is immense, offering fast, intuitive, precise tuning, and giving the player full control and confidence in the tuning accuracy of their instrument, regardless of the situation. For those bassists who require fast re-tunings, for example, a dropped D tuning on the low E string, this can be done quickly by turning the tuning key a full rotation. Each half turn on any key is a semi-tone, and a full rotation a full tone.

Ratio Bass and Guitar machine heads all feature another industry first, double envelope hardened gears on the higher ratio tuners for high strength and smooth performance. Ratio for Bass is available in Chrome open back (Fender Style) with four and five string options and chrome and black closed back, with options for four, five and six-string configurations.

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Prices range from $99.95 to $199.95 depending on the configuration. 

See our explanatory video below!

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