Guild, April 1972

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 Name that tune! From the April 1972 issue of Guitar Player.

Guild bass advertisement from the April 1972 issue of Guitar Player



Soundroom: Lace Helix

THE FIRST FENDER BASS DESIGN, IN 1951, had a body much heavier and larger than a normal solid-body guitar, so Leo Fender gave it cutaways for better balance. In doing so, he locked in what would become a traditional look for almost all electric basses in the future. Since that time, many bass manufactures have stuck to some form of this conventional look, but occasionally a company pushes the envelope of design with a mass-produced instrument, and such is the case with Lace Music’s Helix basses.


Bassimer STD

IMAGINE A SCENARIO WHERE A dulcimer and bass guitar hook up after a gig, head off to a bar for a few drinks, and nine months later, the result of their romantic interlude is an instrument that embodies the best

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Cort A5-Custom Z

CORT GUITARS IS WELL KNOWN for producing instruments for several prominent brands—its own among them—with a primary focus on affordability.

Slap Happy From March and April 1991

PLAY BETTER NOW, PROCLAIMED THE cover of BP’s second bimonthly issue. Inside, we offered five technique-oriented features, ranging from a primer on tapping to a duet arrangement of Debussy’s “First Arabesque” for extended-range basses.