Guild, April 1972

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 Name that tune! From the April 1972 issue of Guitar Player.

Guild bass advertisement from the April 1972 issue of Guitar Player



Bassimer STD

IMAGINE A SCENARIO WHERE A dulcimer and bass guitar hook up after a gig, head off to a bar for a few drinks, and nine months later, the result of their romantic interlude is an instrument that embodies the best

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Cort A5-Custom Z

CORT GUITARS IS WELL KNOWN for producing instruments for several prominent brands—its own among them—with a primary focus on affordability.


Soundroom: Lace Helix

THE FIRST FENDER BASS DESIGN, IN 1951, had a body much heavier and larger than a normal solid-body guitar, so Leo Fender gave it cutaways for better balance. In doing so, he locked in what would become a traditional look for almost all electric basses in the future. Since that time, many bass manufactures have stuck to some form of this conventional look, but occasionally a company pushes the envelope of design with a mass-produced instrument, and such is the case with Lace Music’s Helix basses.

Slap Happy From March and April 1991

PLAY BETTER NOW, PROCLAIMED THE cover of BP’s second bimonthly issue. Inside, we offered five technique-oriented features, ranging from a primer on tapping to a duet arrangement of Debussy’s “First Arabesque” for extended-range basses.