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New Products from Electro-Harmonix, Deepspace Devices, Enki, Innovation, Grosbeak, and Omec
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95000 Oceans 11 Reverb


It’s got all the basics—including hall, plate, and spring reverbs—but the Oceans 11’s functional and inspiring surprises include dynamic and modulated reverbs that add interactive movement, as well as shimmer and polyphonic reverbs that make it easy to create ambient soundscapes.
Street $150

Golem Overdrive


Ready for an overdrive pedal that’ll do your bidding? Control the Golem’s POWER (volume), RAGE (gain), FORM (tone), and shape (mids) with the main knobs, and let tremble and quake open the door to silicon, germanium, or boost effects. MASS delivers bass/mid boost, and EVOLVE is a tone-shaping drive.
Street $170

AMG-2 Bass Case


The ENKI AMG-2 Bass Case—a tough, lightweight, roto-molded polyethylene shell with a luxurious EVA foam insert—makes it possible to imagine trusting your bass to airline baggage handlers.
Street $350

Rock-A-Billy & Ultra Blacks Double Bass Strings


Innovation’s strings use a synthetic core and nylon cover to get tone that sounds like a gut string—but without the issues (or cost). Available in medium- and low-tension sets, Innovation strings are made for rockabilly/psychobilly slap players and bluegrass/Americana players looking for warm thump.
Street $190

LP-1 & VIP LP-3 4-strings


This vintage-inspired, New York-based builder offers two new basses: the LP-1, which sports a flatsawn maple neck and fingerboard and DiMarzio Area P pickup, and the VIP LP-3, with its roasted bird’s-eye maple neck, Macassar ebony fingerboard, 3-way pickup selector, 3-way mini toggle, and Delano Quad Coil (neck) and Delano Dual Coil (bridge) pickups.
Street VIP LP-3, $1,800; LP-1, $1,000

Teleport Audio Interface


If you’ve ever wished you could use your favorite software plugin in your live rig, check out the Teleport, a universal-connection device housed in a small pedal enclosure. The Teleport allows you to access plugins from your DAW in real time and add them to your signal chain, converting analog audio signals to digital. Works with iOS, Android, Mac, and PC without any specific drivers or software requirements.
Street $140


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New Gear from Ibanez, Mesa, Warwick, and more

The little brother of Warwick’s LWA 1000—cased in an ultra-tough aluminum chassis and equipped with a 4-band EQ and WET/DRY control for the effect loop—is a 2.5-pound bass head that puts out 500 watts into 4 Ω (or 250 watts into 8 Ω).

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New Gear from Bassics, KHDK Electronics, Boos, and Emma

The BPA-1 works hard to be perfect: Besides a bypassable 3-band EQ, ultra low-noise input amplifiers, two inputs, and a VCA compressor, it boasts a DI with 1/4" and XLR connectors, silent footswitches, serious headroom, and a self-contained power supply that will operate on any AC voltage from 85 to 265 volts.