New Gear from Aguilar, Fender, Ibanez, and More

The Fuzzistor boasts classic silicon transistor distortion and knobs that give you complete control over the clean/fuzz blend, the amount of fuzz, and gain matching.
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Fuzzistor bass fuzz pedal

The Fuzzistor boasts classic silicon transistor distortion and knobs that give you complete control over the clean/fuzz blend, the amount of fuzz, and gain matching. Plus, its “gig-saver bypass” keeps you rockin’ even if your battery dies, and a TILT EQ control makes it easy to dial in the harmonic content of your fuzz. Comes with a three-year limited warranty.

Street $160

Steve Harris Precision Bass

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The Iron Maiden legend’s signature Fender now comes in his famously regal gloss white finish with special pinstriping, a mirrored pickguard, and a West Ham United F.C. crest. A Seymour Duncan Steve Harris signature-model pickup, Fender High Mass bridge, Rotosound Steve Harris Signature flatwound strings, and Harris’ signature on the back of the headstock round out the package.

Street $1,000

Boneshaker bass distortion pedal

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Looking for a bass-specific distortion with serious EQ options? The Boneshaker’s 3-band parametric EQ section has low, mid, and high controls for each of its DISTORTION, DEPTH, and LEVEL knobs. It also boasts all-metal housing and true bypass, and it works with either a 9-volt battery or a power supply.

Street $150

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Nexus SL bass head

Laney’s new bass head sports a tube preamp, onboard effects (reverb, chorus, octave, and 5th), built-in compressor, footswitch for four EQ curves, and a 3-band EQ with sweepable mids. Around back, it’s got a DI with pre- and post-output options, USB interface, headphone output, switchable effect loop, auxiliary input, and dual Neutrik Speakon connections. Oh, and it puts out 1,000 watts into 4 ohms.

Street $1,000

Billy Gould BG4 bass

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Faith No More’s Billy Gould gets a bass to call all his own: a black satin, bolt-on tulipwood 4-string with a Hipshot D-Tuner and two Bartolinis. Don’t be fooled by its one volume knob, though. That switch activates an onboard, touch-sensitive distortion circuit built by Greenhouse Effects, and around back are mini-pots for bass, treble, distortion gain, and pickup panning.

Street $3,600

Talman TMB100 & TMB300 basses

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Ibanez steps into yesteryear with its two TMB P/J-style 4-strings, which are built with mahogany bodies, maple necks, and rosewood fingerboards. The TMB100 sports dot inlays, an Ibanez DXP neck pickup, and a DXJ bridge pickup; the TMB300’s fingerboard is bound and set with acrylic block inlays, and it boasts a DXP in the neck, a DJ2 double single-coil at the bridge, and a split-coil selector for the bridge pickup.

Street TMB100, $200; TMB300, $300

Ray Brown, Rockabilly Bass & Miles
Davis Omnibook

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Ray Brown: Legendary Jazz Bassist features transcriptions of 18 great bass lines—including classics such as “Days of Wine and Roses,” “I’m Glad There Is You (In This World of Ordinary People),” and “Love Is Here to Stay”—along with performance notes, photos, and a foreword by Christian McBride. Brian Setzer Orchestra bass man Johnny Hatton’s book/online video package Rockabilly Bass teaches all the tricks and techniques of rockabilly, from snapping and slapping to hand positions. The latest Miles Davis Omnibook, meanwhile, presents bass-clef transcriptions of 50 of the master’s solos, from “All Blues” and “Billie’s Bounce” to “Walkin’” and “Yesterdays.”

Street $20


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New Gear from Ibanez, Mesa, Warwick, and more

The little brother of Warwick’s LWA 1000—cased in an ultra-tough aluminum chassis and equipped with a 4-band EQ and WET/DRY control for the effect loop—is a 2.5-pound bass head that puts out 500 watts into 4 Ω (or 250 watts into 8 Ω).

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New Gear from Amptweaker, Darkglass, and Gretsch

Amptweaker’s little Bass TightDrive Jr., Bass Tight- Rock Jr., and Bass TightMetal Jr. pedals all boast big flavors of distortion you can fine-tune with gain, tone, volume, eq, and noise gate knobs, as well as a dry low control and a fat/normal/tight switch.