New Gear from Ampeg, Peavey, Wounded Paw, and More

BAREFACED AUDIO Big Baby II & Big Twin II Cabinet
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Big Baby II & Big Twin II Cabinets

U.K.-based Barefaced’s update of its flagship Big Baby and Big Twin amps means redeveloped internal bracing, a new A12XN550 speaker driver, custom punched steel grilles, tough new handles and feet, steel backplates with Speakon/¼"-jack inputs, and stronger enclosures. The best part? The 800-watt Big Baby II 1x12 weighs 27 pounds, and the 1,600-watt Big Twin II 2x12 is a backfriendly 48 pounds.
List Big Baby II, $1,200; Big Twin II, $1,819

BA Series Bass Combo Amp series
Besides front-facing controls, a 60-degree monitoring angle for better clarity, all-metal chassis, and front-panel backlighting, Ampeg’s new BA combos—the BA-108 1x8, BA-110 1x10, BA- 112 1x12, BA-115 1x15, and BA-210 2x10—all feature the Bass Scrambler overdrive circuit with separate DRIVE and BLEND controls and on/off controls. All BA combos feature 3-band EQ, master volume, ⅛" stereo auxiliary input, and ⅛" stereo output.
List BA-108, $140; BA-110, $252; BA-112, $420; BA- 115, $560; BA-210, $700

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RX 3
If you’ve ever recorded into your computer, you’ll appreciate the ability to deal with buzz, hum, or noise related to mikes, noisy pickups, and pedal noises. With its diverse set of audio repair and restoration tools, iZotope RX 3 software aims to help players and engineers clean up audio, separate noise from musical elements, and stretch or shorten certain passages or adjust pitch.
Street $300

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