New Gear from Boss, Bergantino, Electro-Harmonix, and More!

Baer’s ValveTrans Injection Class A 12AU7 preamp boasts variable tube gain and switchable 750kHz or 5MHz input impedance for use with passive, active, or piezo -equipped instruments.
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VTI Tube Direct Box

Baer’s ValveTrans Injection Class A 12AU7 preamp boasts variable tube gain and switchable 750kHz or 5MHz input impedance for use with passive, active, or piezo -equipped instruments. The VTI’s character section adds subtle warmth and fullness to the low end while giving users the ability to reduce subsonic rumbling and top-end hiss. The VTI also boasts a soft-limiting circuit to reduce harsh transient spikes; phase-reversal and ground-lift switches; 115/230 voltage switching; as well as ¼" thru and post outputs for feeding either tube/character-processed or unprocessed signal to your amp’s input.
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BB-1X Bass Driver

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The BB-1X’s low and high knobs give users lots of tone-shaping ability, while the blend knob allows users to mix clean and overdriven bass tones. The BB-1X is equipped with a standard output for driving a bass amplifier, as well as a ¼" TRS line output for sending a balanced signal direct to a mixing console.
Street $140

Stagehand Compact Tech Kit

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The heart of Cruz Tools’ Stagehand Compact Tech Kit is a 19-piece magnetic bit set and screwdriver-style bit holder, with both imperial and metric hex wrenches, screwdrivers, and sockets to handle virtually any make and model of bass. The kit also has a capo and 15-blade thickness gauge with integrated ruler for relief measurement (essential to proper trussrod adjustment), downsized string cutters, and a string winder. Everything fits into an uber-compact pouch that’s ready to hit the road.
Street $35

Bass Stands

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CStand’s two bass models—the FB, based on the classic Fender headstock, and the WB, based on Warwick basses—are made of European beech or American walnut. They quickly fold up for easy portability and storage, and they’re fitted with adjustable rubber protectors at each contact point. Each stand ships in a luxury box with two spare rubber protectors, a small bottle of linseed oil, a polishing cloth, and instructions. Custom engravings are available.
Street $120–$145

Soul Food

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A natural overdrive and clean boost designed for enhancing an instrument and amp’s original sound while retaining their essential characters. The compact pedal features a gain stage, treble control, and signal path optimized for bass guitar and guitarists demanding more low-end definition. An adjustable clean blend assures an articulate full tone, while boosted power rails deliver extended headroom. The pedal also features selectable true- or buffered-bypass modes and a switchable –10dB pad for active instruments. It runs on a 9-volt battery and ships with a power supply.
Street $118

NV610T “New Vintage” bass cabinet
Bergantino’s new 750-watt sealed cabinet offers a nod toward a vintage sound, adding a tweeter and a sealed design to the company’s NV610 6x10. The tweeter, which has its own level control, is matched with a custom phase-coherent crossover that extends the high end range to 12kHz. The NV610T’s sealed design delivers a tighter and more immediate bass response, while the woofers employ ceramic magnets with vented polepieces to add to the low end. It will begin shipping in April 2015.
Street $1,500

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Saratoga Deluxe J-style bass

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A riff on the company’s Saratoga bass, the active/passive MTD Deluxe model boasts a 3-band EQ and is available in three finishes: limited-edition satin honey burst, satin dark cherry burst, or gloss transparent black. Its maple neck sports an asymmetrical profile for faster playing and is topped with either a maple or rosewood fingerboard. The stock J-style pickups can be upgraded to Bartolinis.
Street $1,000


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New Gear from Boss, Electro-Harmonix, Hartke, and More

This cool app for iPad and iPhone features lesson “packs” on topics such as soloing, swinging, fingerboard navigation, blues fundamentals, and warming up, all taught by pro bass players, including Felix Pastorius, Tom Kennedy, Victor Wooten, Ivan Bodley, Robin Soper, Linda Oh, Mike Visceglia, Robin Keats, and Ed Friedland.