New Gear from Carvin, Fender, G&L, PRS, and More

G&L Detroit Muscle Series SS Collection
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Detroit Muscle Series SS Collection

These souped-up G&L LB-100 reissue basses come with all the usual accoutrements—alder bodies, maple necks, maple or rosewood fingerboards, medium jumbo frets, and G&L Alnico V humbucking split-coil matched to passive electronics— but it’s their ’60s-era muscle-car colors that really catch the eye. The Daytona Yellow, Hugger Orange, Marina Blue, and Cranberry Red (shown) finishes contrast nicely with the one-ply black pickguard and go all the way up to the headstock.
Street $1,125

The Bass Handbook
With its myriad exercises, wide range of genres, history of basses, bios of important players, and tech advice, this updated version of Adrian Ashton’s step-by-step course aims to help you improve your reading, technique, and onstage performance. An included CD contains 97 tracks of the 250-page book’s key musical exercises and examples.
Street $25

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Basket Weave Carving Leather straps
These straps balance fancy looks—courtesy of a veg-tanned leather top with a basket-weave-tooled insert—with practicality: A soft garment leather backing and foam padding should make long gigs just a little bit more tolerable. The straps are available in regular size (41"–48") or XL (up to 60"), and in black, burgundy, brown, cranberry, dark brown, walnut, or tan.
Street Regular, $150; XL, $156

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Stagehand Compact Tech Kit
Tired of carrying around a toolbox for on-the-spot setups—or not having the tools you need? This tool set consists of a screwdriver-style bit holder and a 19-piece magnetic bit set that comes complete with hex wrenches, screwdrivers, and sockets in imperial and metric sizes. The Stagehand set also includes a 15-blade thickness gauge with integrated ruler, a string winder, and a smaller version of the GrooveTech string cutters—all in a 7" x 2" x 2" zipup pouch that’ll fit right into your gig bag.
Street $35

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JB4 & JB5 Classic Jazz Bolt-Neck Basses

Carvin’s new active/passive, alder-body JB4 4-string and JB5 5-string Jazz-style bolt-ons blend classic styling with 22-fret necks, dual carbon-fiber reinforcement rods, locking bass bridges, graphite– teflon nuts, and the company’s JVA single-coil Alnico pickups. H50A stacked humbuckers are also an option on these 34”-scale hybrids, as are a wide variety of body woods, tops, and finishes.
Direct JB4, $1,030; JB5, $1,100

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SE Kingfisher and SE Kestrel basses
PRS’s first two SE basses are 34”-scale 4-string neck-throughs that mix vintage looks with modern touches. The 24-fret, swamp ash/maple neck SE Kingfisher, outfitted with Kingfisher 4B ‘H’ proprietary humbuckers, aims to deliver old-school “clank” while specializing in strong fundamental and sparkly highs. The SE Kestrel’s alder body, Kestrel 4B ‘S’ single-coils, and 22-fret maple/ walnut neck are married to a modern bridge that allows you to string through the body or the bridge. The SE Kestrel comes in black, metallic red, and tri-color sunburst; the Kingfisher is available in natural, scarlet red, and tortoiseshell.
Street $750

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American Standard Jaguar Bass

Fender’s new California-made Jaguar Bass includes the standard Jaguar P/J configuration (Alnico Precision pickup and ceramic Jazz Bass at the bridge) and active/passive controls, but the company takes it up a couple notches with “F” lightweight vintage-paddle tuning machines and a High-Mass Vintage bridge with the option for top loading or string-through- body. The alder body, maple-neck Jaguar comes in three-color sunburst, Olympic white, black, or mystic red.
Street $1,500