New Gear from Carvin, Source Audio, Gallien-Krueger, and more!

WOUNDED PAW Black Sheep Bass Preamp If you’ve ever wondered how to have even more control over your overdrive tone, this may be the bass preamp for you.
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Black Sheep Bass Preamp

If you’ve ever wondered how to have even more control over your overdrive tone, this may be the bass preamp for you. Wounded Paw’s rackmountable Black Sheep takes your clean instrument signal and divides it into six parallel channels, overdrives each channel independently, and then recombines the six channels into one signal. The result? Deep control of lows (all frequencies below 120Hz), mids (190Hz, 310Hz, 490Hz, and 800Hz), and highs (everything above 1.5kHz). There’s also a fully buffered effect loop, unbalanced main out, headphone out, balanced line out with ground lift, tuner output, as well as a pre/post switch with its own level control.
Direct $795

Spyrachrome Upright Bass Strings
Italian string manufacturer D’Orazio goes for the psychobilly slap-style crowd with the new Spyrachrome set, which they describe as soft to the touch, with high magnetic response for improved use with pickups. D’Orazio makes Spyrachromes with a proprietary flat wire steel/chrome winding over a steel rope core, and the company offers the sets in 3/4 and 4/4 scales and in E and F# tunings.
List $100

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Vanquish Basses
Each of Carvin’s custom-shop Vanquish-series basses boasts a beveled alder body, five-bolt maple neck for increased contact between body and neck, rosewood fingerboard with 24 medium-jumbo frets, Hipshot A-style bridge, and a pair of radiused-top humbuckers matched with an 18-volt active/passive preamp. The basses, available in 4-, 5-, and 6-string versions, are available in a wide selection of colors.
List 49K 4-string, $1,130; 59K 5-string, $1,200; $69K 6-string, $1,280

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Evolution Volume Pedal
Volume-pedal aficionados have a new reason to celebrate with the Evolution, an active pedal that boasts a buffer so transparent that you can control instrument volume without changing your tone. The Evolution’s buffered tuner output makes it easy to quickly tune, and you can also use it to split the signal into dry and wet stereo, and blend in effects.
List $120

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Soundblox Hub
The Soundblox Hub links any five Soundblox 2 pedals and uses MIDI program-change and control-change messages to save and recall up to 128 pedal “scenes,” allowing players to use the pedals—as well as expression pedals or Hot Hand controllers—like a multi-effects unit. Best of all, you can connect the Hub to your computer via USB to edit its presets and parameters and update software and firmware.
Street $100

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Z-Series travel basses
With a body that’s only 36.25" long, Shredneck’s Z-Series bass will have no problem fitting in the overhead compartments of most airplanes, and its two-piece nato body comes ready for rehearsal, stage, or studio with a set of PJ pickups, as well as basic volume and tone controls, a maple neck, and a 24-fret rosewood fretboard. The Z-Series is available in black and mystic red finishes, both accented with a white pearl pickguard.
Direct $229

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CX Series bass cabinets
Each of G-K’s new ceramic-driver, 8-ohm CX bass cabs—the 300-watt CX115 1x15, the 400-watt CX210 2x10, and the CX410 4x10, rated at 800 watts in either 4- or 8-ohm versions—sports both Speakon and q" inputs and a horn with a defeat switch. They’re nice and light, too: The CX115 is 35 pounds, the CX210 is 37 pounds, and the 67-pound CX410 comes with recessed, spring-loaded handles.
Street CX115, $350; CX210, $350; CX410, $500

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