New Gear from Electro-Harmonix, NS Design, and Slinger Straps

The Sling Strap is an ergonomic strap that allows you the option to alternate it to either shoulder while also displacing a portion for your instrument’s weight to your waist.
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Hip Strap

The Hip Strap is an ergonomic waist guitar strap designed to remove all of the weight of your instrument from your shoulder and upper back. Whether you wear the strap up on your waist for a higher playing position or down on your hips, the Hip Strap allows you to relieve the discomfort standard guitar straps can cause after hours or years of playing. Slinger Straps also carries their ergonomic Sling and Harness Straps to offer you the best variety of pain relieving guitar straps on the market.

Street Hip Strap, $30


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This EHX iPhone/iPad app faithfully recreates the warm analog tones and deep funky bass of the company’s 1980 Mini-Synthesizer. Turn back the hands of time with 22 programs, plenty of room for user presets, and an interface with oscillators, filters, delay, reverb, poly/mono, and a ribbon controller.

Street iPhone, $3; iPad, $5


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NS’s new capacitor-powered custom circuitry stays battery-free by integrating with the company’s Polar Pickup System, allowing players to use NXTa Active basses in standard passive mode or in active mode, where plugging into an AC outlet for 60 seconds powers the circuit for up to 16 hours of performance time.

Street NXTa Omni Bass, $2,300 (4-string) and $2,500 (5-string); NXTa Double Bass, $2,400 (4-string) and $2,600 (5-string)


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New Gear from Boss, Electro-Harmonix, Hartke, and More

This cool app for iPad and iPhone features lesson “packs” on topics such as soloing, swinging, fingerboard navigation, blues fundamentals, and warming up, all taught by pro bass players, including Felix Pastorius, Tom Kennedy, Victor Wooten, Ivan Bodley, Robin Soper, Linda Oh, Mike Visceglia, Robin Keats, and Ed Friedland.

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New Gear from D'Addario, Mitchell & Rainger FX

Rainger’s new Deep Space Pulsar allows you to sync your bass tone so it dips with each hit of a kick drum (by a drum machine, a DJ, or live drummer), thanks to correctable tap tempo, or tempo input via a Rainger FX pressure pad or a microphone on your drummer’s kick drum.

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New Gear from Cort, GHS, Electro-Harmonix, and Korg

Cort’s new GB74JJ has everything you’d ask from a 21-fret, 34"-scale 4-string: two VTB-ST pickups, swamp-ash body, two bands of tone control, master volume and pickup blend controls, active/passive push-pull pot, zinc Omega bridge, maple neck and fingerboard, and Hipshot Ultralite tuners. Get it in amber or aqua blue.