New Gear : January 2011

Holy cow! Recreating one of the most iconic bass amps in history, Ampeg has announced a limited run of 50 American-made Heritage B-15s.

Ampeg Heritage B-15


Holy cow! Recreating one of the most iconic bass amps in history, Ampeg has announced a limited run of 50 American-made Heritage B-15s. The 30-watt Heritage B-15 boasts two discrete circuits—one modeled after the 1964 B-15, the other after the 1966 model. With such a small run of units, you can bet a bunch of us will be bummed to have missed the B-15 boat. Oh Ampeg, must you tease us so?
Price TBD

Morley Mini Wah Volume & Maverick


Following last year’s release of the Mini Wah and Mini Volume pedals, Morley has followed up with Mini Wah Volume and Maverick pedals. The Maverick is a switchless wah—like Morley’s Vai, Tremonti, and Lynch signature pedals—and both the Maverick and the Mini Wah Volume boast pot-less electro-optical circuitry.
Price $89

Korg Sound on Sound


The Korg Sound on Sound (SOS) Unlimited Track Recorder saves 16-bit WAV files to microSD or MicroSDHC cards (100 minutes per GB), and features a backlit touchscreen display, a chromatic tuner, fifty internal rhythm patterns, an internal stereo mic, and q" instrument, r" mic, and r" stereo line inputs.
Price $400

Avid Pro Tools 9


The latest version of Pro Tools allows users to work with Avid audio interfaces, third-party interfaces, or no hardware at all when using the built-in audio capabilities of a Mac or PC.
Price $599

Wal Basses

After a few years of relative inactivity, Wal Basses appears to be back in business. More information is available at the company’s website.
Price From $5,200

Aguilar SL 112


Weighing 25 pounds and packing a 12" Neodymium driver, the Aguilar SL 112 is the newest contender in the lightweight division of cabinets. Built to handle 250 watts RMS, it features a phenolic tweeter, a custom crossover with variable tweeter control, metal corners, rubber feet, and a strap handle.
Price $675


New Gear : May 2011

Studio Devil’s new bass amp plugin for VST, Audio Units, and Pro Tools RTAS compatible hosts features dual-channel architecture— allowing players to blend two independent tones together—five cabinet emulation modes, 12 bands of graphic EQ, chorus and reverb effects, and a built-in chromatic tuner.

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New Gear, November 2011

Although it’s not specifically designed for bass, the MXR Analog Chorus manages to leave the bottom end untouched—set the low frequency control flat, in fact, for a touch more booty.

New Gear: June 2011

Germany’s AER (Audio Electric Research, for those keeping track) has come out with a 200-watt, 2x10 combo with 3-band semi-parametric EQ and a built-in compressor.


New Gear February 2010

Ampeg SVT-7PRO & SVT-8PRO Heads Ultra-vintage Ampeg is going decidedly modern—as in super-light Class D power sections—with its latest additions to the venerable SVT amplifier line. The SVT-7PRO head throws down 1,000 watts while weighing only 15 pounds, while the SVT-8PRO shoots the moon with a scary 2,500 watts of power in a similarly compact and lightweight package. Both units feature familiar Ampeg front-end tone controls—so essentially it’s the same preamp many know and love, just stronger and lighter on the back end. And there’s a line of lightweight cabs (called PRO NEO) debuting in early 2010 to go with them. Prices SVT-7PRO, $799.99; SVT-8PRO, $2,399.99 Contact