New Gear July 2010

Tight Drive Bass Distortion Pedal As a result of feedback from Greg Weeks of the Red Chord at the 2010 NAMM show, Amptweaker now offers a bass version of their popular guitar distortion unit. As its name implies, the Tight

Tight Drive Bass Distortion Pedal

As a result of feedback from Greg Weeks of the Red Chord at the 2010 NAMM show, Amptweaker now offers a bass version of their popular guitar distortion unit. As its name implies, the Tight Drive specializes in providing a tighter low end. The pedal also features gain, tone, and volume controls, as well as a pre/post switch.

Price $180

Velvet Blue Double Bass Strings


Designed for players with an inclination for modern techniques, Velvet’s Blue strings feature a synthetic core, rather than silk, but there is no compromise in the sound. Perfect for the upright player looking for a natural sound with a modern feel. The synthetic core design allows the string to come in at a more modest price than a traditional gut string but still sounds like its more expensive cousin.

Price $199


Cakewalk V-Studio 20

The Cakewalk V-Studio 20 combines great software with great hardware, all in a package that makes it simple to produce quality recordings in your own home. The unit features a stereo USB audio interface, onboard BOSS-powered COSM DSP, effects for guitar & vocals, Guitar Tracks recording software, and a universal DAW control surface.

Price $299


ProTune and ProTemp iPhone Apps

Planet Waves has jumped on the apple bandwagon and launched its ProTune and Pro- Tempo iPhone Apps. The ProTune features dedicated modes for guitar, bass, violin, banjo, and other stringed instruments, and you can use the iPhone’s built-in microphone, an external mic, or connect your instrument directly to the iPhone. With the ProTemp, use the touch-screen Tap feature to select a basic click-based tempo instantly or create and save your own customized rhythm patterns using the detailed controls.

Price ProTune, $5.99; ProTemp, $4.99

Tone Freak Naked ODThis distortion pedal works by lightly boosting your tone, whether you are already overdriving your signal or not. When set in front of a slightly or fully driven amp, the pedal can add a clean boost or just a bit more fuzz. In front of a clean signal, you can crunch your tone more pointedly. Freaks can tweak their tone to their delight with drive, tone, and level controls. The unit is true bypass and features durable Neutrik jacks.


Price $199


Rotosound Drop Zone and Drop Zone Plus Bass Strings

For our low-down, hard rockin’ brothers who want to go even lower, Rotosound offers its Drop Zone strings. The RS 66LH “Drop Zone” .65–.130 gauge strings allow a 4-string bassist to drop down to B, while the Drop Zone+ set allows 5-string players to drop from low B to F# with .85–.175 gauge strings.

Price $TBA



New Gear April 2010

Bugera BVV3000 All-Valve head The big new Bugera head sports a classic array of all-tube goodness, including five dualtriodes in the preamp section and a sextet of 6550s handling the output. Tone-shaping come courtesy a 3-band EQ with midrange voicing filters and low- and high-register switchable boost.


New Gear February 2010

Ampeg SVT-7PRO & SVT-8PRO Heads Ultra-vintage Ampeg is going decidedly modern—as in super-light Class D power sections—with its latest additions to the venerable SVT amplifier line. The SVT-7PRO head throws down 1,000 watts while weighing only 15 pounds, while the SVT-8PRO shoots the moon with a scary 2,500 watts of power in a similarly compact and lightweight package. Both units feature familiar Ampeg front-end tone controls—so essentially it’s the same preamp many know and love, just stronger and lighter on the back end. And there’s a line of lightweight cabs (called PRO NEO) debuting in early 2010 to go with them. Prices SVT-7PRO, $799.99; SVT-8PRO, $2,399.99 Contact

New Gear August 2010

TC Electronic PolyTune iPhone App On the heels of its recently released PolyTune pedal tuner (look for a review soon), TC is announcing an iPhone App that duplicates many of the pedal’s functions, including the ability to tune multiply strummed

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New Gear: July 2013

Novation’s popular 20-year-old Bass Station gets an update with the Bass Station II, an all-analog redesign equipped with two filters, two oscillators, a sub-obscillator, patch-save capability, onboard modulation, an arpeggiator, and analog effects.