New Gear: July 2011

For more of the sweet gear we spotted at Musikmesse, check out our Flickr feed at

From Musikmesse

For more of the sweet gear we spotted at Musikmesse, check out our Flickr feed at

Mayones S-Cut Caledonius 5 Classic

With its Aguilar preamp, Bartolini pickups, ash body, and gorgeous poplar top, this new singlecut bass out of Poland is sure to make you stand up and shout, Pass me the Mayones!

Basswitch IQ DI

Doublers, delight! With two channels and a slew of switching options, this new DI/preamp designed in collaboration with Lehle is especially well suited for those slinging multiple axes onstage.

Markbass TTE 500 Randy Jackson Signature Head & New York 151 RJ Cabinet

Remember, Dog—before his American Idol fame, Randy Jackson was just another badass bass dude who always knew how to sound fresh. With its tube preamp and 500-watt Class-D power amp, Randy’s signature Markbass TTE 500 rig mixes modern and vintage vibes both sonically and aesthetically.

Warwick Steve Bailey Signature

Fretless phenom Steve Bailey’s serpentine sojourns certainly sound superb on this slick slab of snakewood. . . . Okay, enough. Steve’s new Warwick signature bass boasts an ash body, an asymmetric ovangkol neck, a fretless snakewood fingerboard, and Steve’s signature Seymour Duncan pickups and electronics.

TecAmp Raptor Head & Cabinet

The 300-watt all-tube Raptor head features a tube complement of six 6550s, four ECC 83s, and one ECC 81; the Raptor cabinet combines single 15" and 12" Neodymium drivers with a pair of 10" Neo speakers for a combined weight of just 75 pounds. It might be lightweight, but this Raptor rig is cocked to knock your block off!

Ashdown MiBass

The 220-watt MiBass 220 and the 550- watt MiBass 550 are featherweight, feature-rich heads that look righteous in their own right, but Ashdown has plans to offer customizable faceplates that can be etched with user-defi ned designs. Sublime!

Name This Bass And Win!

Do you know who built this über-funky 4-string? Be the first person to email the correct manufacturer name to and we’ll send you a copy of The Funky Bass Book!


New Gear: June 2011

Germany’s AER (Audio Electric Research, for those keeping track) has come out with a 200-watt, 2x10 combo with 3-band semi-parametric EQ and a built-in compressor.

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New Gear: July 2013

Novation’s popular 20-year-old Bass Station gets an update with the Bass Station II, an all-analog redesign equipped with two filters, two oscillators, a sub-obscillator, patch-save capability, onboard modulation, an arpeggiator, and analog effects.

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New Gear, November 2011

Although it’s not specifically designed for bass, the MXR Analog Chorus manages to leave the bottom end untouched—set the low frequency control flat, in fact, for a touch more booty.

New Gear : May 2011

Studio Devil’s new bass amp plugin for VST, Audio Units, and Pro Tools RTAS compatible hosts features dual-channel architecture— allowing players to blend two independent tones together—five cabinet emulation modes, 12 bands of graphic EQ, chorus and reverb effects, and a built-in chromatic tuner.

New Gear, September 2011

The Go-Go Tuners TT-1 employs a microphone and a piezoelectric pickup, allowing players to use the tuner in a range of different sonic environments, and boasts a 360-degree swivel-mount display.