New Gear : March 2011

Aguilar enters the featherweight amp ring with its Tone Hammer 500, a 500-watt head weighing a mere four pounds.

Aguilar Tone Hammer 500

Aguilar enters the featherweight amp ring with its Tone Hammer 500, a 500-watt head weighing a mere four pounds. Like a juiced-up version of Aguilar’s Tone Hammer direct box, the Tone Hammer 500 features four bands of EQ, GAIN, DRIVE, and MASTER controls, and a front-mounted DI out.


Price $699

ESP LTD Surveyor-4 & Surveyor-5

ESP’s LTD Surveyor basses have gotten a facelift in 2011, boasting bitchin’ block inlays and neck binding.


Prices 4-string, $699; 5-string, $799

Daring Audio Pedals

This California-based stompbox startup has come out of the gate swinging, offering four new bass pedals: the Particle Beam overdrive, the Laser Cannon fuzz, the Edge Activator harmonic enhancer, and the Phat Beam compressor.


Prices Particle Beam, $269; Laser Cannon, $349; Edge Activator $329; Phat Beam, $329

LeCompte Chewy Linton Signature

Designed for Ember bassist Chewy Linton, the latest from Texas bass builder Bud LeCompte features a bubinga body, Nordstrand pickups, and a Hipshot tremolo bridge.


Prices 4-string: $1,400; 5-string: $1,600; 6-string: $1,800


Borrowing from the features of its flagship World Tour head, Eden’s new direct box features a 3-band EQ (plus BASS BOOST and MID SHIFT switches), compression, and the company’s signature ENHANCE control.


Price $199

Wren & Cuff Phat Phuk B

Now, that sure is a dirty name for a clean boost pedal … This little phatty from the folks at Wren & Cuff sports germanium/JFET transistors for a boost that introduces just a bit of grit.


Price $169


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New Gear, March 2012

Peavey’s 10-pound, 600- watt head makes news with a 7-band graphic EQ, headphone output, footswitchable crunch and optical compressor, proprietary DDT speaker protection, and combination twist-lock and ¼" external speaker jack.


New Gear February 2010

Ampeg SVT-7PRO & SVT-8PRO Heads Ultra-vintage Ampeg is going decidedly modern—as in super-light Class D power sections—with its latest additions to the venerable SVT amplifier line. The SVT-7PRO head throws down 1,000 watts while weighing only 15 pounds, while the SVT-8PRO shoots the moon with a scary 2,500 watts of power in a similarly compact and lightweight package. Both units feature familiar Ampeg front-end tone controls—so essentially it’s the same preamp many know and love, just stronger and lighter on the back end. And there’s a line of lightweight cabs (called PRO NEO) debuting in early 2010 to go with them. Prices SVT-7PRO, $799.99; SVT-8PRO, $2,399.99 Contact

New Gear: June 2011

Germany’s AER (Audio Electric Research, for those keeping track) has come out with a 200-watt, 2x10 combo with 3-band semi-parametric EQ and a built-in compressor.

New Gear : May 2011

Studio Devil’s new bass amp plugin for VST, Audio Units, and Pro Tools RTAS compatible hosts features dual-channel architecture— allowing players to blend two independent tones together—five cabinet emulation modes, 12 bands of graphic EQ, chorus and reverb effects, and a built-in chromatic tuner.

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New Gear, November 2011

Although it’s not specifically designed for bass, the MXR Analog Chorus manages to leave the bottom end untouched—set the low frequency control flat, in fact, for a touch more booty.